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  1. Just move your buffer to java and make it example L2BufferInstance, it will be easier and better. And your buffer is really hardcoded. Right now you can find a lot of buffers maded for various l2j packs, just search ;)
  2. Ayami- why you here in this community? Ah, I remember, your ayamipvp server (I don't remember name really well, because it was really childish and copy from aepvp) didn't success so right now you're trying to sell that shity pack to and you want to act like Extreamer? People will pay and when they realise it is really shit, they will need their money and you will do that you said, it is really good, you're such nice person and remember you're not developer, creating some addons to lineage 2 or editing some raid bosses don't make you developer.
  3. I don't change my opinion and I think not only I thinking like that. You don't scammed for 4 years, but now you scamed, so now you can say you're scammer for 1 damn day :D I hate people like you, because in past I was scammed too, but it was my fault, because I trust people too much, the life teach you hard... And you said by yourself it was just words, that's why I say again you are scammed him... It is hard to understand?
  4. You didn't make with him any document with signatures, he can take hes money back, now you're scamer :) Because your agreements are just words. So what you say is nothing, that's why he can post here topic and report you, isn't that hard to send money back to him and be normal, because right now Extreamer acting like thief, that's weird how people can take your services. Next time people, please don't send money like gift/family, because everyone will do that like he does, just think. And remember, what are write in forum/skype isn't any document with your signatures or something special, it'
  5. Really 15 euros for this? :D EDIT: Shares like this worth 1 euro for cofee, but not 15 euros :) Because it is really easy to do. It is really weird when people try to sell such codes, really... Maybe you are idiots?
  6. You didn't finished it, I shared it here: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/187787-automatic-potions-free-code-for-all-l2j-packs/ Don't lie to players:) EDIT: How you can take this idea if it is shared you fucking lier:)
  7. Used google translate to get what you say and I get this: We would not Lithuanian, sudo worthy [:)] Show your ideal server? Bringing people need to talk nice, but not necessarily that it is a lie. The second thing that you or a child or really mad, because only children netyngi so even if you do not intend to write a gamble there [:)] Good luck in life, because they need to see, and for the future nesmeizk without sense, without knowing anything :) Fuck, I don't understand. PLEASE TALK ENGLISH!
  8. No, this words for all chronicles, all servers, all peoples etc.
  9. Karasu, I love you, really, you the best in this forum! EDIT: If someone ask why, because he say the true!
  10. I agree with Karasu, he said true. Now my opinion about server. These 6 (six) updates can be fixed in LIVE server, because they are really easy and you said just Fixed skill''s, but what fixed in skills? Time, chance? How Improved class balance? OMG you added buffer in all towns such amazing new unique feature. And the funny part is these things:D Only you think your server is unique, because with that features every one can say unique? I don't think so. The best build on java platform? I don't get it:D Why you lie? I think in every server pvp battles are 24/7, it is really
  11. Only for lifestones and NO datapack / system changes, so this one don't work:) If you wan't stackable lifestones / scrolls, you need rework EtcGrp.dat file in system. After this you need rework .xml or .sqls to make that item stackable also. And after all these dp / system changes you need rework core side. (on aCis don't need to rework core side, aCis rocks!)
  12. But imagine if now everyone will use that community board for Interlude servers. It is not hard to do, I like play with HTMLs, I love to make beutiful design (in Interlude it always be terrible:D), BUT NO POINT TO DO. And I think no one help you, except if you give him money, but I don't make it for money, because these stuff is need to protect:) Everyone is using all fucking shares from MXC, don't event rework them, okey if you don't know CORE side, why you don't try to change the fucking HTMLs? But nevermind, I''m just angry of these all same servers with same designs, stuff, mobs, rates
  13. Tryskell answered to your topic and here is the problem, change the 101 to 100.