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  1. Sioph Baggos... 8a se apolisei... -.- :troll:
  2. Hahahahah kalh mitia tote.. an ta vreis se server :D
  3. stin sugekrimenh periptosh ein sto jar. :)
  4. Exw kanei Vote se olous tous server tou HopZone gia test... alla tpt..
  5. Ok dn exei error alla to Hopzone dn doulepse...
  6. Uparxei error :S package Extensions.Vote.VoteManager.java ======================================== int tries = -1; Connection con = null; try { con = L2DatabaseFactory.getInstance().getConnection(); PreparedStatement statement = con.prepareStatement("SELECT tries FROM characters WHERE obj_Id=?"); statement.setInt(1, player.getObjectId()); for (ResultSet rset = statement.executeQuery(); rset.next() //edo { tries = rset.getInt("tries"); //edo } } //Edit To idio error se 5 simia
  7. So easy to do that just ready other scipts and you will learn how to make it :) //edit You ask about 1 Button Npc ?
  8. i dont understand :/ I follow the steps but nothing happent :/
  9. Where can i find this ID's ? L2jFrozen ( Interlude )