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  1. Is here any way to make that w/o modify user.ini ? Server where iam playing right now, dont allow modify that user.ini, but some russian guys on this server have that WH but i dont have any idea how to make that :/ :D
  2. Will be nice if someone find files which makes that crit errors and share them :-P :)
  3. I also get all time critical error when i see something from that new bufs :/ can you repair that ? That symbols are awesome, but when you update it, i cant make anything, every time Critical Error :/
  4. Iam interested About interlude. I Just saw interface from nephoreon and i really like How he remake that Adena and place in iventory etc. I have no idea How to make that things but im Just going learn How to work with that by your guide and then i will try make something "like him" :D
  5. Should you send some screens with your modifications ? iam only searching for some cool and usefull modifications for IL, but its looks like i must make my own interface, so if you can up some screens it will be so cool. BTW: if you have any interfaces can you send me in message link or screen ? :) Thx a lot :)