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  1. Server is ON! Get your patch here : PATCH Discord : https://discord.gg/4jAfwte Website : http://L2OW.com/
  2. Grand Opening in 3 Hours ! Sharpen your sword , War is about to begin ! P.S : Patch available soon ! Discord : https://discord.gg/4jAfwteWebsite : http://L2OW.com/
  3. Grand Opening tomorrow 18:00 GMT +2 ! Patch will be available at http://L2OW.com/ ! Join us for a Unique Experience ! Also check out our current event ! : http://L2OW.com/index.php?/topic/9-clan-event/ Discord : https://discord.gg/4jAfwte
  4. L2OmegaWorld Reborn looking for Experienced people to join the team ! Project "Reborn" after months of working , money and sleep disorder , completed by 90% ! Our lack of time delaying the 10% remaining , for that reason L2OW looking for experienced staff in order to contributes to its completion! If you eager to work for this project , make sure you fulfill the requirements - Knowledge on pride like servers - Necessarily speak English or Greek ! - Sense of Improvement - Active daily ( if you have personal issues for 1 or 2 days we are not going to han
  5. Hello all ,I have the following problem. In auctioneer there are no available clan halls (clan halls aren't taken or something) i create a clan and tried again still same . Any idea why i'm facing this? Thanks in advance
  6. We are trying our best , thanks for reply !
  7. We will upload the patch to different sites very soon!
  8. Server is back , with the biggest part of lag fixed still trying to remove permanently!
  9. Server is ON ! Join HERE and ENJOY!
  10. Thanks for that , we are trying our best!
  11. Thanks for reply , Glad you enjoy !
  12. Beta Opening 8/12/2018 18:00 GMT +2 Download Our patch HERE Join us and PREPARE for what is about to happen ! See you there ! P.S : Help us improve by testing any possible bug and report it to our Discord community
  13. I hope you like it ! See you there