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  1. Asaheim community looking for experienced staff to join our team ! Basic Info : H5 project ( rates x100 ) .Τhe details will be discussed in PM ! If you just want to be GM with only purpose running invisible with super haste don't even reply ... waste of time ! If you eager to work for this project , contact me for further info ! Looking for : - Game Master - Social Manager P.S.1: This post have no details , i want to discuss them personally with each of you, for obvious reasons P.S.2: For our ironic friends who will asking "what you offer? Glory?" ! Read P.S.1 Contact me via PM here or join our new discord server : < Discord >
  2. Looks good , good luck with that ! Im gonna try it !
  3. oraio post file alla an ginete na pas peis kai pos stinoumai enan l2 off server dld pos vazoumai gm shop kai tetia otan 3ekiname