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  1. The last time i really enjoyed playing Lineage 2 was on a C6 server with features like these back in 2008. Oh man i miss those days! The Nobless quest and the blessed RB jewels will give the players an extra and really nice PVE experience instead of non-stopping PVP. Another plus of the Nobless quest is that some players will gain some further knowledge of the game becuase most servers sell the Nobless status in farm shops. Also, i liked what you did there with the vote system, seems pretty legit. One last thing i want to mention is that i'm really looking forward to participate in this T
  2. I just checked the forum.I have to say it is user friendly.Making the "instant contact with the team" section was a really good call.
  3. Well...i got bored of the instant 80-farm all day servers and this one encourages the player to focus on the game instead of getting items max enchanted which it's pretty cool.I'm definitely going to try this server. Looking forward to see more about it.
  4. yeap worked perfectly Thanks a lot!
  5. Ok.I recently changed my motherboard and now i can't activate windows 7 because its a UEFI motherboard and i had to change my disk to GPT... So now i need some help...
  6. Yea but the enemies might not mercy the team with the afk player.... Don't forget that LoL has got one of the worst communities..
  7. Yep it was the gamepad...Didn't even noticed...thanks a lot
  8. I tried that too...LOL Oh something else... When i press page up or page down 2 times the camera stays there and i cant move it
  9. Well.....i have a problem with my camera in game. When i login i see the sky and my name.I try to move the camera behind my char and then it moves again down so i see the sky and my anme again.. I tried every single possible solution but the problem is still there I have a video with my problem if anyone want to see. EDIT: just saw the help section....move this topic there please.
  10. Summoner name: PaNiKoC Server EU EAST SoloQ rating : Recently demoted to Silver IV :/ Main Role : Top lane
  11. SneakyBeaky


    I want to start L2 again so i will give this server a try..im also bringing friends
  12. Ahaha i dont buy them for others to see "pozeri" nice one :P
  13. Well i tried this method about 6-7 months ago but i didnt like it at all... The only one who can see the skins in game is you because you changed the client files...so it didnt make any difference to me