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  1. Other servers like WE ARE REAL DEAL CUM JOIN US NOW Now presenting REAL L2Fake Server :D Good Luck with server, had my cut of fun ty for that :d
  2. https://linedia.ru/wiki/Handle_With_Care u need to finish quest "Take Your Best Shot" first https://linedia.ru/wiki/Take_Your_Best_Shot np
  3. on your website im trying to go for eng language seems it aint working
  4. Please correct them ty Can u please enlighten me how u gonna make server long term? GL with your project
  5. Damn y i am ty for adviceboy UPBOYYYYYYY
  6. Overview I am playing Lineage 2 around 10 years. I have invested huge amount of time in this game and I liked every last minute of it. There are things that I really like in this game for example: grinding, castle sieges and grand Olympiad, but there are things that I don’t find satisfying. I am always looking for new servers, which might give new approach to the old game, but most of them fail me. There are some servers that I can name, which are truly extraordinary, but still I think they do some things… which lets say… aint right. And all of this brings me to the next part. Why I want to be a part of project? Well as I already mentioned Im experienced L2 player, I have played too many “retail-like” x-something servers and s***, and its becoming less and less interesting for me, because all of this I think servers should provide more diversified mechanics and new tactics to the game, so I aim to do that. I want to create new better experience for both old and new lineage 2 players, where they can both feel like I felt when I was first playing(if not better). I want to see my Ideas realized. I want to make new friends and talk to them about stuff. You probably wondering - What can I offer Most simple answer is I can provide Logical and Critical thinking, I think those are ones that matter. I can provide new ideas, Mechanics, my way to fix to problems etc. I can test, provide feedback, criticize stuff and so on. I can provide some Graphical designs have some experience with Illustrator & Photoshop. I offer you my honesty and time. I hope i will learn many things and have fun while working on it, I might even go into simple java coding, Maybe 3D modeling and stuff, anything that will be needed I will try to provide. Overall I am a gr8 22y old guy which has: Pros Logical & Critical Thinking Easy To access (FB, discord, Skype, E-Mail, etc) Can provide ideas and solutions on problems Graphic Designer Honest Flexible Cons I flame a fucking lot sometimes TY for your time. For Mods I do not know if its most proper category to post, im sorry if its not.
  7. 1. I use sEtEki mostly, but it doesnt matter might change 2. 22 3. from offi to fully custom pvp servers 4. not on big projects have on few little local java servers 5. that you decide after we will have a little chat 6. FB: fb.com/seteki Discord: sEtEki#4422