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  1. Gl on project. I'll be watching closely.
  2. Hey, Thumbs up for detailed info on server. GL with project probably will join at least try it. I couldn't find your Discord server so please create one. There is no Fists mentioned in Gold style weapons. BB
  3. I'm guessing this is not full features list. make viewing forum available for guests.
  4. Feature list is excellent, even tho i would like to see more class/balance changes. GL will project ill be watching, might join.
  5. again invalid discord link make invite permanent be4 posting ty
  6. A) Restrict Olympiad to Friday, Sat, Sun only (inactive during sieges/TW), and reduce hero cycle to 1 week. I'll be watchin
  7. it went off after second day still stays off hope we get some new info
  8. just finished reading features and i want to say some things there are few mistakes on text > please fix them add more info about special/epic bosses (like semi-epic) _________ I have never seen lineage 2 server advertise itself as beautiful world with flowers and fantasy, i do really like that aspect you chose. GL with project
  9. i smell title will change
  10. not sure you are looking for any1 like me still imma post this here also I want to know more about the project, if i like it, i will invest some time
  11. Other servers like WE ARE REAL DEAL CUM JOIN US NOW Now presenting REAL L2Fake Server :D Good Luck with server, had my cut of fun ty for that :d
  12. https://linedia.ru/wiki/Handle_With_Care u need to finish quest "Take Your Best Shot" first https://linedia.ru/wiki/Take_Your_Best_Shot np