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  1. just finished reading features and i want to say some things there are few mistakes on text > please fix them add more info about special/epic bosses (like semi-epic) _________ I have never seen lineage 2 server advertise itself as beautiful world with flowers and fantasy, i do really like that aspect you chose. GL with project
  2. i smell title will change
  3. not sure you are looking for any1 like me still imma post this here also I want to know more about the project, if i like it, i will invest some time
  4. Other servers like WE ARE REAL DEAL CUM JOIN US NOW Now presenting REAL L2Fake Server :D Good Luck with server, had my cut of fun ty for that :d
  5. https://linedia.ru/wiki/Handle_With_Care u need to finish quest "Take Your Best Shot" first https://linedia.ru/wiki/Take_Your_Best_Shot np
  6. on your website im trying to go for eng language seems it aint working
  7. Please correct them ty Can u please enlighten me how u gonna make server long term? GL with your project
  8. Damn y i am ty for adviceboy UPBOYYYYYYY
  9. Overview I am playing Lineage 2 around 10 years. I have invested huge amount of time in this game and I liked every last minute of it. There are things that I really like in this game for example: grinding, castle sieges and grand Olympiad, but there are things that I don’t find satisfying. I am always looking for new servers, which might give new approach to the old game, but most of them fail me. There are some servers that I can name, which are truly extraordinary, but still I think they do some things… which lets say… aint right. And all of this brings me to the next part. Why I want to be a part of project? Well as I already mentioned Im experienced L2 player, I have played too many “retail-like” x-something servers and s***, and its becoming less and less interesting for me, because all of this I think servers should provide more diversified mechanics and new tactics to the game, so I aim to do that. I want to create new better experience for both old and new lineage 2 players, where they can both feel like I felt when I was first playing(if not better). I want to see my Ideas realized. I want to make new friends and talk to them about stuff. You probably wondering - What can I offer Most simple answer is I can provide Logical and Critical thinking, I think those are ones that matter. I can provide new ideas, Mechanics, my way to fix to problems etc. I can test, provide feedback, criticize stuff and so on. I can provide some Graphical designs have some experience with Illustrator & Photoshop. I offer you my honesty and time. I hope i will learn many things and have fun while working on it, I might even go into simple java coding, Maybe 3D modeling and stuff, anything that will be needed I will try to provide. Overall I am a gr8 22y old guy which has: Pros Logical & Critical Thinking Easy To access (FB, discord, Skype, E-Mail, etc) Can provide ideas and solutions on problems Graphic Designer Honest Flexible Cons I flame a fucking lot sometimes TY for your time. For Mods I do not know if its most proper category to post, im sorry if its not.