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  1. As in your description of yt video about bypasses, it doesn't work on my windows 10, any ideas how to make it work there?
  2. Is there any good soul that would help me to adjust it to l2era server? I am not sure how to do it properly. Thank you for the share dude
  3. I hope the section is correct, I have got the question about 'handle with care' quest in lizardmen plains, I can't teleport through Batracos to desired location, it is said that item requirement is not sufficient and I can't enter, the question is what is the item requirement there? I googled it and couldn't find an answer, would be grateful if someone could tell me that and maybe say something more about the quest.
  4. Yeah, I hope it will result in good quality tho
  5. It was delayed 2 times, but now should be live and it's still down, whats goin on?
  6. Well true no system can ensure 100% bot protection but it will be hard to bot without being suspicious I guess, so with some effort any form of botting can be eliminated. Hope it will work out. Also about that enchant thing, may I know how is that exactly in %? Is it stable or it's decreasing if u go more ++?
  7. Yes, thank you for an answer, are you 100% sure tho that any type of botting is impossible? If so, that's gonna be great.
  8. Can you share some information about enchanting? ( safe/max/chance )
  9. I doubt it is brazon's server, they never share info about enchant rates since rates there decrease the more ++ u go, here u can see the stable rates are introduced, seems like a different server to me. All of them fail tho, brazon servers are bad but there are always some ppl to play with for these few weeks of their existence. Any other servers opening are empty after week or two... Sadly it is a fact that this monopoly rules there...
  10. Hello, can u make the bot work on l2 destiny? If so can u share the fix?
  11. hmmm there was an update but the game is crashing when i choose the server, what does it mean?
  12. maybe its the matter of key type? I saw that some keys are able to provide only 2 clients on these servers, but there are also the unlimited ones.
  13. oh really? it's the same as dragon lionna etc and i know ppl on dragon who would farm with 4 boxes per pc there.