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  1. can you be more specific? I am a real newbie in this topic
  2. @adr.bot any idea how to adjust bypasses? I have win10 and recording doesn't work in adrenaline in my case
  3. As in your description of yt video about bypasses, it doesn't work on my windows 10, any ideas how to make it work there?
  4. Is there any good soul that would help me to adjust it to l2era server? I am not sure how to do it properly. Thank you for the share dude
  5. I hope the section is correct, I have got the question about 'handle with care' quest in lizardmen plains, I can't teleport through Batracos to desired location, it is said that item requirement is not sufficient and I can't enter, the question is what is the item requirement there? I googled it and couldn't find an answer, would be grateful if someone could tell me that and maybe say something more about the quest.