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  1. @Kara` I don't want make a discussion... This is not the finality of the post. I'm programmer 7 years ago, and you can see my profile in linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/dmartinezpascual/ or in Malt https://www.malt.es/profile/danielmartinezpascual But if I say 2 times programmer in the same sentence and this is bad, I'm sorry. I'm looking for partners, this is bad in 2019 year? I have 2 companies and I have partners, and never I paid my partners for come with me.
  2. @'Baggos' I'm sorry if I don't explain this situation good... I can create the server, I just want some help and share the project. I just have an idea and if there is someone who likes and wants to help me, go ahead, otherwise I will do it alone. Anyway, thanks for your opinion. And if you have something to offer, like many other people, just let me know and tell me your price. Maybe I'm interested
  3. Good morning to all, About a year ago I was in this same forum, looking for staff for a project, which we have not just launched due to lack of personnel. I have encouraged to re-launch that project, I hope this time, find the right people to carry it out. The project consists of an international community of two servers, one of them will be MID Interlude and the other LOW H5 (with features that will differentiate them from the rest of the current servers, how is it logical). I am a computer programmer and I have servers to start the projects, and I will g