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  1. again, google translator, hope you understand but items are not linked to obj_id? and when the player deletes the character, the items are also not deleted? and even if the player deletes the character and I delete the account, and the player creates the account with the same name including the character, will the obj_id not be different?
  2. (I am Brazilian and I used Google Translate to make this publication. so, if I couldn't understand, I beg your pardon. Whoever understands, I hope you like it) Well, I see that a lot of people use autocreate on their servers this causes an excess of players who make mistakes when logging in and ends up creating a new account when he realizes that he didn’t log in to his account, he relogs and logs in correctly but with that the account is still in the database I don't know anything about sql, and I managed to make a command that compares if the account