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  1. sent you a pm. and i added my discord info to my post
  2. This guy bought several things from me, and everything went smooth. Recommended and trusted++
  3. Hello, i am currently selling this character on Innova's Ramona Server (4Game) Elf Yul Moonlight Sentinel Lv. 99 with 13 Ability Points Dual class: Lv. 93 Tyrr Titan And x 2 Subclass Lv. 80 (has chaos essence in wh) Kept pre-awakening skills: Rapid Shot & Rapid Fire Items: 5 slots brooch Ruby Lv. 3 & Obsidian Lv. 3 Exalted: Hellbound 8k quest done 80 days premium account left Price: 100 eur Also taking offers Payment method: Paypal For fastest/instant response add me on Skype: devling2 Or use this button: My reaction time to answer messages on this forum may take longer.
  4. Hello I am selling adena on Innova's Ramona (4Game) Current stock: 0, will update when i have more 14kk = 1 eur 750kk Sold Payment method: Paypal For fastest/instant response add me on Skype: devling2 Or use this button: My reaction time to answer messages on this forum may take longer. You can see some of my recommendations in the following topic:
  5. Yes i did not take the time to read through his profile. Regarding my decision to cut the contact: As i also told you through private message, when a third-party is involved, i will not proceed with any form of transaction if i have the slightest feeling of being scammed. And the impression you gave me, made me draw the conclusion that i shouldn't trust the situation. I apologize if you wasn't trying to fool me, but for the sake of myself, i'd rather cut the contact than being scammed. It is simply not profitable.
  6. The reason that i didn't want to use your method, is simply because you wanted to use a middleman, with a skype username, which had multiple search results of different users (dublicates), when i searched skype directory. So i had no way to confirm that, i wasn't being lurked into a scam. Furthermore, when i had contact to your middleman, hes behavior was suspicious. And i will not leak any account information to a third-party, that i do feel safe with.
  7. Hello, i am currently mainly selling Adena, but also a few items on Lineage 2 Classic NA Giran server: Giran Adena: 0,27 euro for 1kk Power Level Service (Lv. 75+ only): - 1,5 euro or 6kk adena per hour Only one character can receive power level at a time. It is only available for characters level 75 or above. You can expect 1,2bil+ XP per hour with semi full boosts active. (see FAQ section) Item List: Talisman Crystals: x10 - 0,9 euro | x100 - 8,75 euro | x200 - 17 euro Magical Tablets: x1 - 0,25 euro | x31 - 7,5 euro Recipe: Naga Storm (60%) x2 + Naga Storm Piece x20 - 17 euro Recipe: Sword of Ipos (60%) x2 + Sword of Ipos Blade x20 - 17 euro Recipe: Sobekk's Hurricane (60%) x2 + Sobekk's Hurricane Edge x20 - 17 euro Recipe: Tiphon's Spear (60%) x2 + Tiphon's Spear Edge x20 - 17 euro Transformation Sealbook: Standard/High-grade x847 (Reserved till April 2020) 847 sealbooks (legendary transform guaranteed) - 160 euro 4 sealbooks - 0,8 euro Great Swird (Othell 8) - 10 euro Demon Spliner - 150 euro Dasparion Staff Clean - 5 euro Legendary Ferios Cloak +10 (Augment: Received PvP Dmg -4.5%) - 300 euro +6 Hat (+3 STR) - 18 euro 30-Day Frintezza Doll - 11 euro Payment method: Paypal, with family/friend gift method only Contact: For fastest/instant response add me on either Discord or Skype. Discord: iComet#0427 (Unique id: 472186021497274389) Skype: devling2 (BlackJesus) Make sure you are dealing with me, ask for a private confirmation message on this forum My reaction time to answer messages on this forum may take longer. FAQ: Q: How will 847 x Transformation Sealbook: Standard/High-grade give me a legendary transform? A: As it can be seen on By using the evolve transform option you need 10+1 Standard Transforms to obtain 1 Advanced, 10+1 Advanced to obtain 1 Rare, and 6+1 Rare to obtain 1 Legendary. (11 x 11 x 7 = 847) Q: Regarding power leveling service, what is "semi full boost"? A: My 'XP Per Hour' measurement on semi full boost is measured with 485% of bonus XP. Which can be acquired by having (15% from clan passive skill, 50% from Rune 1, 100% from Rune 2, 30% from Pendant +9+, 20% from Aden Talisman +6+, 25% from Fate Talisman +8+, 20% from Hat with XP augmention, 15% from Lv 20 Clan Arena Passive, 100% from Dandy Ball, 100% from XP Scroll, 10% from Fruit Buff)
  8. it would be nice if you could upload em :D thanks