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  1. please, upload orther link for me [googledrive]
    i need Ixion set  thank you so much

  2. I made something like it my self with custom animation and texture but, I wanted the original modification and edited for H5 or lower clients.
  3. Guys! Sorry to bother you but I wanna ask any shares or packs that is for free related to my topic's title.. I need a custom packs of Cloak that is the same as the Tauti Cloak with the effects on it that works on Freya and High Five! If it is available can any one tell me where can I get it? Sample Screenshot thank you so much for help! by: d0ds™
  4. Im looking for a L2 Playe rname Allsimple^^ who ever meet him in some random server tell me pls!!
  5. H5 deathspike is a lot better than the one. why would like to have it btw?
  6. very good set! thanks for sharing!
  7. you need to fixed or (decrypt it first)