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  1. WTS Adena Naia 8$ \ Core+Ramona 4$
  2. Hello, if you selling adena.
    Please add us on our skype:

  3. hi as title says wts adena on zaken 12$ b skrill only
  4. WTS/T Items in zaken for money or items in freya chronos core pm for more info
  5. wts top items in pm me for more info
  6. WTS Adena Chronos Naia Magmeld 17$\b skrill only - for trusted members i can go first pm
  7. WTS\T Aeore healer core server lvl 100 dual lvl99 enchanted skills 16ap female with nice name pm me accepting only skrill willing to go first if you are trusted
  8. Sell Adena core 1b/20e accepting skrill only if you are trusted i can go first !
  9. As title says im selling adena in chronos server 20$ per billion ! Pm with your skype if you want to buy
  10. WTS Aeore Cardinal lvl 100 99dual 16 ap in Innova core or trade for adena items any ncwest server or core or $ paypal skrill add my skype killuminatijr
  11. WTS Talisman Abundance lvl 1 high grade shilen or trade for adena in chronos or core pm me with offers