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  1. UP Also 5Fb crafts under way BONUS ACCOUNTS : RB cameras+++++ summoners... pagans lvl 76 3rd class ponny, sobek ashikiel, ember mos etc (all summoners) best offer you can get. message here or pm and we can skype discord .. ts or fb
  2. UPDATED! Easy hero! WTS char in La2Dream.com, IL server X50. Amazing population. Good server balance. Started 1-2 months ago. EVA'S TEMPLAR TANK lvl 80, nobl + 3 subs (SPS/SAGGI/spoil) all 3rd class lvl 80. 19 COLS worth 2 bilions each IC Set +6 DC set+3/+4 Tallum set Heavy PL set +6 TTS+5/+4 set 1x FB Focus +5! 1x clean FB DB focus +6! 1 X AM+1 Acumen! Olympiad weapons - focus bless Most important skills +10+13 around 2 billion adena 8 BEAS!! 1 blue Cry lvl 13 1 red cry lvl 13 Loads of Mats for crafts 40k+ S crystals :D Some MJ full drops and other stuff in WH Finished good place in olympiad. Quitting L2 again :D. PM offer