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    Experience in the games since 1998
  1. Hi ! I want to sell you legit character :D Shilien Elder lvl 52! contact me via skype Werman.ua or in this site. Price 10 euro.
  2. What I think? It depend on what you want see on se :D Price 120 euro with all adena/items/resources + pet. Se 78 lvl with 3 class and POW Price 90 euro if only se 78 lvl without all. Nude se with 78 lvl and 3class :D Price 70 euro if you want take 76 lvl without 3rd class. p.s. what you think about it ? Is it so much expensive ?
  3. Hello. Actually , I'm ready for you exp Shillien Saint to 78 lvl with 3rd occupation. About time - 3-5 days for make this job. I am really amazing hardcore player with good prime time. I made my work without cheats, bot programm, soft. And you can control my work in online. So it's easy for me, but I do it only for money. If you intersted in , contact me via skype/icq/private message. skype : werman.ua icq : 664111469 It includes : e-mail master account account 78 lvl with 3rd occupation and POW :) Avadon mage set Homunkulus sword Improved Baby Kookaburra And very important
  4. stock : 4 billion adena price : 0.20 euro per 1 billion adena payment system: webmoney / payza icq: 664111469 skype: werman.ua Languages: Eng/Rus You can pm me there.