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  1. Prices and stock updated. I also added a special offer.
  2. Two FBI Agends Dana scully and Fox mulder were on an ongoing investigation with solid evidence that Niantec is closely related to aliens from a nearby galaxy who are currently using Pokemon Go to collect info before they invade and take over the Earth. The investigation was shut down by higher ups within the goverment but fortunately some of the files did make it to the the public.
  3. well i just started searching about LoL and Boting when i made this post a few hours ago. So far from what i understand Volibot is just an auto queue program , meaning it will just do the following things on a loop click play > select game mode > accept game > pick champ summs and runes/masteries > wait for game to finish you have to use volibot along with a program like Bot of Legends (this one plays the game and uses scripts).
  4. I 'm looking for any bot program for leveling bot accounts in LoL, is there anything like that working decently ? Googling it i came across with 2 worthy to notice results 1. Bot of legends (which seems more like a script helper not auto leveling program) 2. VoliBot I d like some feedback about those 2 from people that have used them. Thanks in advance.
  5. Adrenaline not working on NON official Ertheia servers dont bother buying it for this.
  6. i tried it a bit. Admin suddenly decided to reduce evey gear in the game to +4 (max was +8) (gave not a single enchant scroll back) and made max +12 and the only way to get +8 to +12 is donate ! waste of time greedy Admin i give it 1 month max
  7. WTS DB clean +7 = 40 eu AS +6 Crit Dmg = 30 eu 2000 ToD = 20 eu MJ light set+6 = 25 eu paypal
  8. For the program Its the most awesome bot i have ever used with all the features you might need. *my personal favourite is that you can set DETOUR spots so the bot wont stuck in trees/rocks/shits. No need to run the program multible times for multible clients. No need to set IP or use different versions for different chronicles (awesome stuff). For the seller He seems trusted to me, always online,quick replies and very helpful on skype. Generally i would highly recommend botters to buy this!
  9. alexxx

    WTS Wts Gw2 Acc

    nothing more usefull to do? get a life.