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Nanna x75 Interlude

"Foreword Jimmi Nuke (Lineage.ru)"]

In addition to the Foreword of 2012 (which is shown below), I want to add only one - Nanna x75 is old pvp server carrying the label "relax pvp".
You will not depend on living in a support group. You do not need months to achieve higher grades equipment or nobless. And remember, only you set the lifetime of the game world. Do not need to chase the "top-end" Side, because they change the server every week, not because the server bad, but because it has become accustomed to them.
Many of you are willing to settle for a long time, and be sure that tomorrow, when you return from work/study... game world will waiting you, where you get your share of fun and pvp. So let's do it for you.

Preface 2012: "This is not the standard description of the game world. In this topic we will talk about the future nature of the server, so that you can understand where you are going to play, how to develop and progress new world and your character with him. Using this information, you can start to define the style of your game in Const party (group)/clan/alliance.

Please note, you have come to the PVP with concurrence x1000 +! Administration of other projects allowed global error, allowing players a few days to fully achieve the benefits of all relevant game. After that, users will quickly lose interest in the world.

The game must be preserved above all the urgency of achieving anything, striving for perfection, and the character development is constantly accompanied by key social components.

Nanna x75 special gaming world, not like the others. We are not trying to squeeze into a common framework of concepts that are frankly boring users.
Life Nanna x75 server is a classic game, simplified development and as close to the massive scale PVP battles. Each player will need to spend some time to pass their way of becoming a character in full combat unit that would take part in the grand battles. All this is accompanied by a classic, but simplistic gameplay with const party competition in all its manifestations. Here you will not get just one day and you will not quietly develop your competitors."

Opening in Jan 23 2015 at 19:00 (+3 UTC)
Lineage_ro.png& Lineage_ru.png

server Description:

Open Data: Jan 23 2015 18:00 (+3 UTC)
Server time: +3 UTC
Server platform: PTS
Creators: www.lineage2dex.com

Attention! The concept of the game world may have changes, corrections and additions.


  • EXP/SP: x75
  • Adena: x75
  • Seal Stone: x10
  • Drop (chance): х30
  • Spoil: x15
  • The number increases depending on chance, and only for items: resources
Raid Bosses:EXP/SP: х5Drop: х5Epic RB: x1Quest:Drop: increased rate for some quests

The number of reward items increased to the following quests:]Gather the Flames x5Relics of the Old Empire x5Delicious Top Choice Meat x3Alliance with Ketra/Varka x5War with Ketra/Varka x5Heart in Search of Power x3The Zero Hour рейт x3Yoke of the Past x5In Search of Fragments of Dimension x5

Reward (adena/exp/sp): x10


  • Multybox - 9. Max number of boxes started from one computer.
  • PIN system - you need to create "second password" to each char on your account.
  • Start equip:


  • Standard NCSOFT set
Shot's no-grade suppliesNo-grade equip (for magic classes "Devotion" set; for fighters - "Wooden" set)Additional items for a comfortable start

Automatic learning all the skills of the character.Autoloot.Weight limit increase two times.CursedWeapon active from server start.Block Buff - skill blocking buffs on your char.

more]Doesn't work on olympiad.You can tune it to your char with ".blockbuff" commandBy this ingame command, you can tune what buffs will be blocked if "Block Buff" is active.

Mana potion regen 1.500 MP and have cooldown 12 seconds. Can't be use on olympiad.Potions automatic use:

more]With this innovation, you can activate the automatic use CP, HP, MP Potions.CP automatic use works if your CP is lower then 95%HP automatic use works if your HP is lower then 95%MP automatic use works if your MP is lower then 70%

NPC Buffer & Buff book:

more]Our task is to create a convenient way to obtain the necessary support magic anywhere no matter where you are, and you do not have to spend time and nerves to pump "tens" twinks with a view to comfortable playing in pvp.Buff book - Every character have this book, you can select the appropriate buffs, one click equals one buff (No profiles or any automated buff). Buff book can be used anywhere in the world except the Olympics arenas, as well as can not be used while dead or in combat or has the "flag" status. If you are attacked, the book is blocked.NPC Buffer - located in all cities, this NPC is created as an alternative to buff book when required urgent rebuff, and the character has not come out of combat mode, such as teleport to the city after the death of the character.NPC Buffer & Buff book have all buffs, songs, dances second and third profession, WITHOUT summoners buffs, all resists and debuffs like malaria/cholera.Buff time from NPC Buffer & Buff book - 60 minutes.Buff time from players - according to the official server.Max buff slots - 24 (all players have them at start).Сhant of Victory, Victory of Pa'agrio from buff book will not regen HP.

Class learn:

more]First profession - 100.000 adenSecond profession - 1.000.000 adenMethod of third profession preparation:

more]Variant 1:But it with 50.000.000 aden and 200 Black Halisha's Mark.Black Halisha's Mark droped in Shrine of Loyalty from: Grave Scarab, Scavenger Scarab, Grave Ant, Scavenger Ant, Shrine Knight, Shrine Guard.The number of points and the monsters spawn speed increased.Variant 2:The completion of the full quest.From one monster you will get 5 quest items, means you need to kill only 140 monsters.After quest finish you will get reward: 50.000.000 aden, 1 Giant's Codex, 22.994.040 ExpThe number of points and the monsters spawn speed increased.




  • Since the start, each character has a quest description, what is necessary to open the subclass.
  • You need to be 75+ level, 100.000.000 adena and 4x Infernium Scepter (Cabrio, Hallate, Kernon, Golkonda).
  • Infernium Scepter get by searching chests (Chest of Cabrio, Chest of Hallate, ... of Kernon, of Golkonda) from each bosses.
  • Only characters 75+ level, can get scepter from chest.
  • You doesn't need to hit or kill boss. You just need to search chest, that appears after boss kill.
  • You can trade scepter with another player or even sell it, but you can't delete scepter.
  • Players that already have subclass can get scepter again, but need to leave the money in escrow to chest.
  • Raid bosses <> Scepters:
  • Shilen's Messenger Cabrio - Cabrio Infernium Scepters
  • Death Lord Hallate - Hallate Infernium Scepters
  • Kernon - Kernon Infernium Scepters
  • Longhorn Golkonda - Golkonda Infernium Scepters

[*]Nobless status:


  • Since the start, each character has a quest description, it is necessary to assign the"Nobless status".
  • You need to have 250.000.000 adena and 1x Barakiel Nobless pass.
  • You can get Nobless pass by killing Flame of Splendor Barakiel.
  • Party ( 9 players ) that make last hit to boss, will get Barakiel Nobless pass.
  • Only players at subclass and 75+ level, can get Barakiel Nobless pass.
  • Players with Nobless status can't get Barakiel Nobless pass anymore.
  • Barakiel Nobless pass can be trade/sell. Can't be deleted.

[*]Raid boss respawn, drop and they level:

more]All the below mentioned raid bosses, increased level to 80 and partially reduced drop rate (to x1), due to the small spawn period (to avoid "saturation" market with the key materials A / S-grade that fall to RB killers).

Shilen's Messenger Cabrio (after raid boss death will appears chest, where you can get Cabrio Infernium Scepter) - 6 hoursDeath Lord Hallate (after raid boss death will appears chest, where you can get Hallate Infernium Scepter) - 6 hoursKernon (after raid boss death will appears chest, where you can get Kernon Infernium Scepter) - 6 hoursLonghorn Golkonda (after raid boss death will appears chest, where you can get Golkonda Infernium Scepter) - 6 hoursFlame of Splendor Barakiel (to get Nobless pass) - 4 hours +/-60 minutesVarka’s Hero Shadith (for 4 level alliance with Ketra Orcs) - 10 hours +/-60 minutesVarka’s Commander Mos (for 5 level alliance with Ketra Orcs) - 10 hours +/-60 minutesKetra’s Hero Hekaton (for 4 level alliance with Varka Silenos) - 10 hours +/-60 minutesKetra Commander Tayr (for 5 level alliance with Varka Silenos) - 10 hours +/-60 minutesRespawn time, level, all other raid bosses according to the official server.

[*]Epic boss respawn:

more]Carefully review the information! Epic bosses have fixed time period spawn.
At the start of all the epic bosses will be dead! Since opening the server starts timing spawn epic bosses.

Queen Ant (40 lvl): 19:00 - 23:00 (+3 utc); respawn period - 1 day (from the date of death)Zaken (60 lvl): 21:00 - 23:00 (+3 utc); respawn period - 2 days (from the date of death)Baium (80 lvl): 19:00 - 23:00 (+3 utc); respawn period - 5 days (from the date of death)Antharas (80 lvl): 19:00 - 23:00 (+3 utc); respawn period - 8 days (from the date of death)Valakas (85 lvl): 20:00 (+3 utc); respawn period - 11 days (from the date of death)Frintezza (85 lvl): 19:00 - 20:00 (+3 utc); respawn period - 2 (from the date of death)Respawn time all other raid bosses according to the official server.

[*]Removed limit players to enter the dungeon to Valakas (limit on the official server 200 players) [*]Murder limit time of Scarlet van Halisha - 1 hour. [*]Offline trade:

more]Activate offline trade with ".offline" command.No payments for offline shop use, but you need to have 1 adena in inventory.Activity time market - 96 hours.Not allowed to trade near GateKeeper in all towns.In Giran and Aden, shopping areas are demarcated.

[*]Additional opportunities for PK players:

'more']PC characters assigned a separate status, they can talk with NPC, use the teleporter. Guard will attack the same way as before. Drop rate of items standard starts made ​​after 5 PK points scored.

  • NPCs and quests are available for players with PK:
    • 4 lvl Clan Quest
    • 5 lvl Clan Quest
    • Subclass Quest
    • Nobless Quest
    • GateKeeper in Ivory Tower
  • Floran have unique NPC:
    Bartholomeus - Unique Gate Keeper can teleport PK players in nonstandard points of gave world, but you must have 1.000+ karma

    Edward Teach - Pirate-blacksmith, NPC that functionality similar to Blacksmith

    John Silver - NPC that selling weapons, also includes the sale of Shadow B weapon (like in Aden town shop)

[*]Clan halls:


  • Minimum bid for the purchase of a clan hall increased 10 times
  • Payment of rent clan halls increased by 10 times
  • Clan halls can buy clans reached level 7
  • The maximum bet for Clan Halls: 999.999.999 Аdena

[*]Seven signs:

more]Note the end time periods!
Cycle - in 7 days (4 days - event period; 3 days - seal period)Event period (registration period) starts at: Monday 18:00:00Event period ends at: Friday 06:00:00Seal period ( mammon period ) stats at: Friday 06:15:00Seal period ends at: Monday 17:45:00

[*]Castle sieges:


  • Siege cycle - 2 weeks
  • Siege distributed so that every week will sieges

[*]Grand Olympiad:

more]Activation data – since server startOlympiad period – 1 monthsClass fights every Saturday and Sunday.To start class games need 5 Noblesses.To start non-class games need 9 Noblesses.Can't register on olympiad with more then one character form one computer.Max enchant on olympiad is 6. If your enchant is more then 6, it will be decreased to 6 till fight. After fight enchant level will recover.

[*]Main Store:


  • Equipment D/C/B-Grade sell for adena
  • Recipes to A-Grade craft sell for adena and ancient adena
  • Eqiupment S-Grade only crafting (recipes doesn't sell in GM shop)
  • Soul Crystal 1-10 sell for adena
  • Soul Crystal 11-13 sell for adena and ancient adena
  • Dual Sword Craft Stamp
  • Soul/Spirit/Blessed Spirit-Shot D/C/B-Grade sell for adena
  • Soul/Spirit/Blessed Spirit-Shot A/S-Grade sell for adena (very expensive), so that gnomes were more urgent than ever
  • Arrows B/A/S
  • Base recipes for resources craft
  • Other expendable materials: Cursed Bone, Energy Stone, Soul Ore, Spirit Ore, Recovery Scroll, Greater HP, Mana Potion, Greater CP

[*]Ingame menu:

'Ingame menu, can be called with (.menu) command or with skill']

  • Ingame menu, can be called with (.menu) command or with skill
  • All professions sell
  • Subless
  • Nobless status
  • Hwid protection to each char ( not to all accounts ), will protect you from unauthorized access to your character.
  • Viewing bonus from runes, acting on your character at the moment, with all the conditions of its state (for example: the participation in the group of players)
  • Timer for shadow items
  • Offline trade activation (also can be activated with “.offline” command)
  • Exp on/off (also available with ".exp on/.exp off" commands)
  • On/Off whispers to your character (also turning off trades)

[*]Useful game commands:


  • .menu - calling universal menu
  • .chest buy/sell - convert aden in 1 Adena Chest and return to adena.
  • .offline - activating offline trade
  • .exp on/off - on/off experience receive
  • .autoloot on/off - on/off automatically pick up drop
  • .blockbuff - calling option menu to Block Buff skill
  • .rune - viewing bonus from runes, acting on your character at the moment, with all the conditions of its state (for example: the participation in the group of players)
  • .itemtime - timer for shadow items
  • /block - On/Off whispers to your character (also turning off trades)
  • .restart - the resurrection of the character in the city / clan hall / castle if after death if you do not have an inscription resurrection

[*]Primeval Isle location:

  • GateKeeper in Rune, can teleport to Primeval Isle. Cost 200.000 aden
  • GateKeeper, that placed on isle have function to teleport you in Rune Town. Cost 200.000 aden
[*]Augmented weapon can be trade or you can sell it at market. [*]Limit of Adena and SP - considering features chronicles PTS server code and client side, in the limit of the standard 2 147 483 647. That is why we have introduced adena chest, so you can convert currency and store it in a more convenient format. Be careful - if you have reached the limit of Adena and try to top it - Aden reset to 0 (may be other options)! Take care of her safety and convert each 1,000,000,000 adena to adena chest! This is not the fault of the server, a limit established NCSOFT, it changed only chronicles Gracia Final [*]Additional currency server:
  • Adena chest - chest with adena. The store is available to two-way exchange adena <> 1 Adena chest.
  • Tear of Devotion - Donat currency. Currency specialty store. Get this currency possible by donations project for its progression.(How to make a donation?)

How to get A/S-Grade recipes:

On many of these projects, you are greeted by a specialized farm locations with special "coins". But why? Content Lineage2 rife, that is why we have retained, simplified the well-known "classic", the famous mining methods top gear. When you get this constant rivalry for top locations in the world Lineage2. Examine carefully the following information and changes.
You can buy A-Grade equip recipes from NPC Nanna with adena and ancient adena.
You can get S-Grade recipes, with the traditional way - Quests:

  • Recipes for weapons S-Grade :

    - Relics of the Old Empire (Imperial Tomb)

    - Broken Relic Part - can be traded with other players

    - Gather the Flames (Forge of the Gods)

    - Torch - can be traded with other players

  • Recipes and key materials for armor S-Grade:

    - Alliance with Varka Silenos + War with Ketra Orcs (Hunting in Ketra Orc Outpost location)

    - Nepenthes Seed - can be traded with other players

    - Alliance with Ketra Orcs + War with Varka Silenos (Hunting in Varka Silenos Post location)

    - Horn of Buffalo - can be traded with other players

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Fuck yeah this half-naked chick that has literally nothing to do with either Lineage 2, dex or anything whatsoever will bring all those 14 years old to the server!


Try harder.

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-ah  server romanesc ... iti gagi **** In el ;) mai si copiati numele DEX ! vai de viata voastra ( RATATILOR )

Esti putin prost?


Este un parteneriat intre Lineage Romania si Lineage Rusia ...  din cate se intelege din topic se va deschide un server de PVP  , un proiect comun... si cica...estimativ vor fii aprox 2500-3000 de oameni .

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Esti putin prost?


Este un parteneriat intre Lineage Romania si Lineage Rusia ...  din cate se intelege din topic se va deschide un server de PVP  , un proiect comun... si cica...estimativ vor fii aprox 2500-3000 de oameni .

cred ca e putin mai mult:))

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you are even worst then stalone, he is even starting less servers then u



It is our first pvp server . No idea why you are so mad , but i guess it is your problem .

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