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  1. Almost forgot this forum still exists :D since I quit playing L2
  2. For future reference check the forum.
  3. So awesome that an high rate server is coming out. The more people we get the more fun we will have. So tell your friends about our server and enjoy the game :D
  4. Even though it's his website template, it is his fault that it got leeched , or whatever , props to you for designing it , props to the guy who also leeched it :) I also see no copymark saying it was designed by xDrac ;)
  5. As you guys can see L2FunFactory is here to stay, Join our low rate server and have fun. Also we're opening soon an 75x Server for those who don't have time to grind through the leveling zones and want to have some hardcore classic PVP.
  6. You're making all this fuss for nothing , really? Don't you got something better to do with your life? So far the server is up , it's improving , it has active players also that number of active players is growing slowly , PVP , etc. I don't see why you're PMSing like this.
  7. So far so good , many many positive feedbacks from our players that the server is nice and working smooth , so don't forget to join us when we go live !
  8. Please restrain yourself from flaming or using curse words , no one talked this way to you and we don't deserve to be talked to like this , if you want respect please tone it down and talk like a normal persons. As it says on our website doantions are not mandatory and we each agree to arbitrary settlement in exchange of good/services in order to keep the server up and running . Lots of money were invested in this project to bring an old school L2 experience to the Low Rate lovers . If you want to continue flaming us , fine by me - I will be taking actions against you by reporting you . You're
  9. We are eager beavers as well , can't wait to see epic PVPs , huge raid parties and many more .
  10. We thought about the opening date and considered that by the end of September when the cold winter is near it should be a suitable date to launch , till then we will have an open beta stage so you , the players , can "take the server for a ride" ;)
  11. Thank you mate . :) Also guys don't forget about our Advertising Event ;) check the forum for more info.
  12. Help us to advertise the Server all over the internet and get rewarded at Server start Post pictures and informations about our Server to Forums, Websites, Facebook groups etc. To get the "Starter pack" reward, just post the links of your advertisements under this thread. The 3 most active users will be rewarded with : 1st Prize: Samsung Monitor S24B150BL LED-Display 59.94 cm (24") 2nd Prize: Samsung 840 Series SSD Pro 128GB (2.5" / SATA III / 97.000-90.000 IOPS) 3rd Prize: MadCatz F.R.E.Q. M Mobile Stereo Gaming-Headset NOTE: The informations you post must be correct