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  1. "Destiny of circlet"... daumn, ure good.
  2. I wonder how nobody thought of dis name before..altho most servidors should be named like dis.
  3. baksteen he burnt u hard in his forst comment xDDD loled my tushy off tho xD U gotta love his maricon attitude
  4. First of all l2apollo, ur eng is as bad as the global warming. Second of all, there is no need to prove that u go in other servers advertising ur servidor cuz noone outside of ur "team" and without profit would be braindead enough to waste his time in doing that. And lastly, bot works like a charm which means that u allow it so counter shows more online (pathetic). P.S: Its an insta pvp , not a farm for days servidor so why bother puttin enchant chances like 80%?? u think its gonna last more than a couple of weeks? :o
  5. Why bother makin a pride copy..its2hard2make it work.
  6. If u "play for PvP" go to l2damage or some crap. Dis srv aint for ya. Btw Im playin here l2 after so long and I can say Im enjoyin myself (actually surprised myself lol)
  7. Its a shame not enough ppl enjoy dis kind of srv nowadays...but kudos to U sir.
  8. Oh look ! its dat trash servidor where u can reach end game in 3 ez stepz: 1) Own a decent PC and open 10 boxes 2) w8 for "owner" to give rewards just cuz hes feelin generous and wanna look good 3) buy top items with vote and pewpew.
  9. so 6/7/2018 is a lie? or ure reopening for 2/3/4th time? Dont bother to answer anyway, +1 archer srv. Exactly what interlude community needed :)
  10. Pure 4gag material lols dis shit is priceless :D :D
  11. There are still ppl playin dat ... srv? I remember playin with SEXCHILD char which u had given skills from 10 classes cuz I knew the kid who had the char in da Faction srv. I admit it was fun but whats da point in wasting time in a place where there are edited players... beats me. Nothing personal :) Just informing da crowds
  12. Opening on 13th but in site it says on 14th? Well dats new.
  13. 0 respect for attacking the other low rate opening. Dumb russians will always remain dumb (proof from youtube videos also =)