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  1. "Destiny of circlet"... daumn, ure good.
  2. Damn U Iordanovich and ur SUKOI patches. Everything so neat..group heal as dance to keep fps up,buffs that can be canceled in a seperate line, nobl icon on pt members to check who has it... Celestine, send me those patches in messenger nabito xD
  3. I wonder how nobody thought of dis name before..altho most servidors should be named like dis.
  4. baksteen he burnt u hard in his forst comment xDDD loled my tushy off tho xD U gotta love his maricon attitude
  5. First of all l2apollo, ur eng is as bad as the global warming. Second of all, there is no need to prove that u go in other servers advertising ur servidor cuz noone outside of ur "team" and without profit would be braindead enough to waste his time in doing that. And lastly, bot works like a charm which means that u allow it so counter shows more online (pathetic). P.S: Its an insta pvp , not a farm for days servidor so why bother puttin enchant chances like 80%?? u think its gonna last more than a couple of weeks? :o
  6. Why bother makin a pride copy..its2hard2make it work.
  7. If u "play for PvP" go to l2damage or some crap. Dis srv aint for ya. Btw Im playin here l2 after so long and I can say Im enjoyin myself (actually surprised myself lol)
  8. Its a shame not enough ppl enjoy dis kind of srv nowadays...but kudos to U sir.