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  1. server just opened
  2. With disappointment, we have to announce that we have to delay our opening for few days. We are going live on September 29th, Wednesday. We had strong ddos attack aimed to our website, took a while we moved to a new DDoS protected website hosting.
  3. Thanks mate, the problem is that I can't edit topic.
  4. https://l2inter.com/ Gameplay: Chronicle: Interlude Rates: x500 (PVP) Starting/Subclass Level: 80 No Custom Farm Difficulity: Easy Noblesse Status: Buyable at Shop Buffs Slots: 30+18(Dance/Song Slots) Available all buffs in buffer and scheme system. Enchants: Safe: +4 Max: +16 Blessed Scroll: +4 to +10 (90% Chance), Blessed Scroll: +10 to +16 (40% Decreasing Chance) Blessed Scroll fail? - Return to +4. Golden Scroll: +4 to +10 (100% Chance), Golden Scroll: +10 to +16 (40% Decreasing Chance) Golden Scroll fail? - Keeps the enchant level. Augmentation: Mid Grade Chance: 3% High Grade Chance: 6% Top Grade Chance: 9% Max 1 Active + 1 Passive skill. Olympiad: Start time 19:00 End 23:00 (GMT +3) Heroes changing every sunday. Max Enchant: +6 Fights separated by base class: Disabled. Minimum 9 Games, Minimum 4 Points to be Hero. Bosses: 10+ Raids with valuable drops Epics Respawn Time scheluded to evenings Queen Ant - Daily Zaken - Daily Baium - 2 Days Antharas - 2 Days Valakas - 3 Days Drop: Blessed Jewels Clans & Alliances: No penalties Max clan members: 40 Max alliances: 1 ( only for crest) Players limit per side in zones - 18 (2 Party's) Castle sieges: There are 2 claste sieges (Dion and Rune) Castle siege duration 2 hours Sieges are scheduled every 3 days at evenings Passive skill added for owners as a reward Events: Tournament (1x1, 2x2, 5x5, 9x9) Deathmatch Capture the Flag Team vs Team Protections: Protection against DDOS attacks. Farm protection 1 character per (PC). Maximum number of 2 client windows running (PC). Protection against BOT softwares (Adrenalin, Tower, Interface Auto Farm). Additional Info: Retail Interlude Skills. Retail Class Balance. Max healers per party: 2 Max titans per party: 1 Cancellation Return Buff after 10 Secs. Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90% Geodata and Pathnodes 100% Free and no quest class change. Free and no quest sub class. Max subclasses - 5 Offline mode Shop - Yes Auto Learn Skills - Yes Auto Loot - Yes Auto Loot Raid & Grand Boss - No Drop protection 45 Secs. Wedding System - Yes https://l2inter.com/
  5. website looks promising, I will try it for sure
  6. we are using proxy ddos protected filter, thats why ping is little bit higher, but there is no lag. Hello community, Opening Date: 2018/12/22 at 18:00 (UTC +2) 1000+ Players Online Expected At 29th December 2018 Aden Castle Siege will take place . ( 100€ for The Winning Clan ) Bring your clan event: There is no winners or losers, all you have to do is meet the requirements. You need to create topic in Clans and Alliances (Topic title must be your clan's name) announcing the following: - Clan's name - Leader's name - Expected member's count Requirements of winning our prizes: - 9+ unique members (will be checked) - Clans cannot be duplicated Reward: - Clan level 8 - Full clan skills - 100 Event Medals !!! We are looking forward to seeing you and your clans on our upcoming server. Hurry up and announce your clans and make sure you are meeting all the requirements. Updates List Added 40 Donation Coin reward for obtaining hero from olympiad. Fixed Pa'agrio's Fist skill, now it is only restoring increased amount of CP. Added message how much Mana Burned. Now you can see enemy's summon HP and MP. Decreased dominators damage in olympiad. Decreased gladiators skills damage in olympiad. Decreased summons stats. Increased archers damage in olympiad.
  7. It was GM initiative, we dont do such things anymore, only rewards from GM Events. We removed TOP items from vote shop :)
  8. LOL copy paste ideas from me
  9. some pictures from today's rune siege
  10. information updated, bump server is online
  11. hello, could you tell me from where and which location buy VPS for proxy for latins that they could have better ping?
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