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  1. Time for an update! Over the past months, we have been busy weekly making sure the gameplay is near perfect. Anything players reported, was fixed asap and reported back to players. So far, we have a nice loyal community of classic players who like the grind and a long lasting server. We have recently made the server more new-player friendly. It is now easier for newer players to obtain C and B grade gear which will help alot for farming. Interesting also is that Antharas and Valakas have not been killed yet. Other raid bosses have been killed. Clans were smart enough to find good ways killing epics using all skills at their disposal. Come check us out! By now you have the proof we are not in this for the money and that we dont just close down after a week or 3.
  2. Hello shopy! Our prime time is between 1900 and 2300 GMT+1. At night, a latin clan and BR are active. The people you see replying here are all players. No spambots or whatever.
  3. We have been open for a good week now and see our online number increasing. Yesterday a polish CP of 10 people came to check us out. In addition, we are getting more latin players to our server meaning that there will be nice activity in the European night hours J So far we are happy to see people enjoy the classic gameplay on COTP. We keep going as long as we have a lively community. Any of you who are tired of having to switch server every 2 months, come check us out. We are a safe bet!
  4. Mr Zero hit the nail on the head. Many players travel like nomads from server to server repeating their standard chore without actually reaping the benefit of fun. We attempt to offer a long lasting server with a tough but manageable grind where you find the classic gameplay. It may take you a few weeks longer than normal to get gear but in return you will also use this gear for a much longer period of time. So far, we are happy with the result. A growing core of loyal people who believe in our project. As they all know, there is absolutely no incentive to donate so as far as we are concerned, no one has to donate! We had our first exploiter today. It turned out to be fake as he was just bluffing and showing off with tricks from the past that no longer work on our server. We take everything positive or negative dead serious. Thanks for your reply zero, and all others who backed us up so far. We will keep going as long as we have a community that wants to play!
  5. Unlimited boxes allowed. Economically, this server is about equity and asset management. You are an entrepreneur and can make as many money makers as you want. We don't disclose information about online players. If you like this project, give it a chance. Alot of people have done so the past 3 days :-). The self fulfilling prophecy of "no one online so I dont play which is why no one is online which is why I dont play etc.." is toxic.
  6. We have MANY MANY minor tweaks in the game. It is impossible to list our entire configuration on a website or here. An example is that our Blacksmith of Mammon allows players to upgrade Top C into Low B and Low B into Top B. An example where B armor is useful, would be the Shillien Elder. Imagine you have a +12 BW Light set (+%Pdef +%CstSpd). You would assist a party with some recharges / heals / ressurections but mainly you would be very suitable to mana drain enemy bishops and dominators. Your greater mana burn will burn their mana in a few seconds. An alternative is tanks running on Doom Heavy. IC is the better armor but as long as IC is difficult to obtain, an enchanted Doom Heavy set is very useful for tanks. Since nukers are usually overpowered in the first few months of a server, we have made it easy to obtain +10 - + 12 b grade jewels. Crafting them has always been easy and with our enchant system, it is possible to obtain +12 black ore relatively fast. This gives fighter classes good defense against mage power. All in all people, we offer the classic gameplay and a long term project. As long as the community is lively, we keep this server running. We both have good day jobs so money is not our primary concern. You can see that by us having no real donation system that benefits players.
  7. Hello Luigi, we think it is not possible to fully banish botting and packet injection. We also think that if you can not uphold the rules and regulations you implement, you should not implement them in the first place. We have come up with a system where we allow players to bot non-afk. Captcha's and manual GM checks are done to enforce this. In addition, the botting will lead to a stable economy. Enough Adena destroying measures have been implemented to make sure there will be no mass inflation due to people having x00.000.000 Adena. Since botters and individual players will never be really rich but WILL offer the drops of their bots on the market, market prices will automatically decrease due to excessive supply compared to limited demand and limited player equity. This means all players (including new players) will always be able to create, level and gear up a character for acceptable adena prices. Basically, what we have done, is turned the botters into the slaves of the server. They will supply the economy with alot of materials and the market will coordinate the prices :). So far, this is working out. Prices are at acceptable level without influence from the staff.
  8. Here's another small update for all you classic L2 lovers. We have welcomed yet another clan to our server. A Greek clan that has been playing on many servers has chosen to give COTP a try. In addition, 2 players have created Top B weapons (Wizards Tear and Bow Of Peril). Multiple players are working on their B grade armor set. We really like that our configuration and features are appealing to players. Activity has again gone up. Here is a screenshot taken today on Giran. Note the C armor :-). If you like classic gameplay and natural C -> B -> A item progression, this server is for you.
  9. Hello players! Chronicles of the past reopened yesterday on 01-02-2019. This is a serious Interlude build aimed at a long life. Quick info: - L2J Interlude Build - 15XP, other rates are all 5 - Alt+B Buffer in towns. Buff duration 2 hours - Overhauled and rebalanced PvP system (read website for more info) - Balanced Adena based economy with its own correction measures - Unique raid boss and epic system (read website for more info) - Multiple methods of guaranteeing our players large PvP battles - Very good mob pathing and geodata (VERY VERY VERY GOOD) Other options: - S grade Apella. Upgradeable from A grade. Apella set bonus working - Enchant system ensures A grade and B grade armor can be used on end game build - Olympiad, retail like - Boosted siege experience. Guards / Mercenaries are a force to be reckoned with We attempt to make a long lasting server. This server is for people who want longevity and stability. VISIT OUR WEBSITE OR FACEBOOK GROUP FOR MORE INFORMATION AND VIDEOS ON OUR FEATURES 1. General Philosophy: L2COTP is a craft / pvp type server. No custom GM shop for B/A/S exist. We have a custom VIP shop that allows players to buy epic quest items (Portal Stone, Floating Stone, Noble Quest Item etc.). On this server with our relatively low rates, players must farm to create batches of gear which they will then enchant to the desired level. This is the craft aspect of the game. The PvP aspect of the game refers to multiple measures that force players to PvP for certain gains. Examples are: - Grand Boss Combat Zone (AQ, Core, Orfen, Zaken, Antharas, Baium, Valakas, Frintezza/ImperialTomb) - Players flag whenever they hit a normal raid boss We have ensured that our economy will stay stable enough for new players and existing players who use extensive asset management to build their characters towards an end game build. 2. More about the raid system: On our server, the general idea on epic bosses and regular raid bosses, is that after PvP has taken place, the winner gets the opportunity to kill the boss. On most private servers, killing bosses has become a routine job. We have therefore, boosted all bosses in game. All epic and regular raid bosses have been boosted. Stats have been increased drastically. Killing bosses means bringing the right classes and enough people. You will also need to bring escorts to protect you against enemy players. Attacking any boss will make you flag so enemy players can easily sabotage your raid. Bosses level 58+ and epic bosses also drop the Gold currency. Relevant areas around epic bosses are turned into combat zones. In this area, killing other players is without consequence. Additionally, killing a player outside of the zone while the killer is standing in the zone, will not lead to karma or PK points. To make epic bosses more challenging, their stat boost is substantial but they have also been made vulnerable to debuffs. Root, stun, sleep, slow / entangle / freezing strike, poison, bleed, silence, Demon Wind, Blizzard, Inferno etc., are landable. The following skills have been changed specifically for epic boss slaying: - Demon Wind: Sets HP Regen to 0 for 120 seconds - Blizzard: Sets speed to 40% for 120 seconds - Inferno: Deals ALOT of damage per tick. Ticks once per 3 seconds for 120 seconds. Total damage: 700.000+ HP on an epic boss These skills are absolutely nessecary for Baium, Antharas and Valakas. 3. More about Clans / Alliances: Clans are made and levelled up just like official servers. Multiple quests need to be done and reputation must be farmed at some point. For clan reputation, raidbosses can be killed. They instantly offer clan reputation to the party dealing the final hit. Beware though, attacking any raid boss will make you flag. Regarding alliances, we allow only up to 2 clans in 1 alliance. This has been done to ensure a 3 or 4 sided server. Coalition deals between alliances are always possible but this still leads to separate sovereign alliances. 4. Enchanting / S, A, B: We will not disclose the exact mechanism behind our enchant system. We consider +6 S grade to be a good end-game armor set. We have measured and ensured that our enchant system gives players a reasonable chance to obtain +6 S grade armor when they have invested the proper time and effort. To give PvP and character builds an extra dimension, we have modified the A and B enchant rates so that the effort to enchant A and B armors to +10 and +12, is about just as difficult as S grade to +6. The pdef of A and B armor items has been changed appropriately. This leads to a situation where A, B and S enchanted at +12, +10 and +6, have similar pdef. Players are now able to use any A. B or S armor set on an end game built without having to sacrifice unreasonable amounts of pdef. As +6 S grade is considered to be end game, new players will not be at a very great disadvantage compared to older players. Examples: - Archers with a +10 MJ Light set have similar pdef to Drac +6 Light - Daggers with +10 DC Light or +10 NM Light have similar pdef to Drac +6 - Daggers with +12 Zubei Light have similar pdef to Drac +6 - Duelists / Destroyers with +10 Tallum Heavy have similar pdef to IC +6 (ex. the pdef % bonus) - Tanks / SWS with +12 Doom Heavy have similar pdef to IC +6 (ex. the pdef % bonus) Here is a quick impression of the first weekend, alot of people in D and C grade. So far, there are no complete B or A sets on the server. Today the first player hit 76+ & Third class. One clan was able to kill a higher level boss. This was done the old fashioned way by debuffing and slowing the boss. They used DEMON WIND to stop his HP regeneration. Then they kited the boss and brought enough firepower and heal/recharge power to outlast the boss. D and C armor while farming, debuffing, kiting and outlasting raid bosses. This is the old L2 like C1 - C4 retail. This is what COTP is about. So far, no epics killed. The server is progressing steadily with a loyal core of players.
  10. Hello players and followers of this topic. Recently we have added a new feature to the server. Custom sound crystals. These crystals use the tutorial voice option. Many players have the tutorial volume up high because of our captcha alarm. Now you can play sound fragments to these players using our custom soul crystals. A YouTube movie will follow in the next few days!
  11. Legend says that when your random private server closes in 1 month and you are homeless, we are still online. Legend says that when that random GM with a random server closes in 2 months and heads off with your money, we are still online. Legend says that in 1 year, when you wasted your time being nothing on 5 random servers that all close after 2 months, we are still online. Legend even says that in 2 years, if our server life is still completely vivacious, we will continue for as long as players want. And that difficult start we have with 125 - 150 active players, they are all hardcore believers so we stay open for them and we keep buying more marketing. Sooner or later, everyone knows COTP doesn't close. But you are welcome to play on "L2 Servidor de BR 50000x +50 max enchantos". Have fun!
  12. First sieges will commence on 24 and 25 March. At least 1 castle will be in a favorable time zone for our latin american players. Olympiad will be opened shortly after. Our server is still brand new. No grand epics are killed, no castles taken and no heroes yet. Great opportunities for capable clans!
  13. We have 100 - 125 active players and 300+ online. The 300 includes bots /shops etc.. So far, only AQ is being killed. Other epics are not touched yet. Server is still in good shape for new players and clan.
  14. Kick! Funny cliche, we want to advertize more... but there is no room on topzone to advertize more.. huehue.
  15. Thank you toaster! We are up for about 1 week now. We see our player number increase daily. These are also people who decide to stay as we see them login everyday. What surprised us, even though we tested many things during Alpha and Beta, players randomly run in to all kinds of little errors. We have been fixing everything players find and are now looking at a steady build. We hope to see more people join our server. This is a real 2 year (or more!) project. Best gear after 1 week is a guy with +0 DC and +0 Valhalla. This shows you the server is meant for long term.