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  1. can u upload this again ? i got problem with L2j guard
  2. LF CP who wanna join on , latino server but good features
  3. Archmage level 80 , premium acc , add me on discord kidee#9596
  4. good share mate , does it works on classic ? cuz i dled it , and when i logged in l2.bin stopped working , thanks
  5. Informations L2Khadia 45x - Lineage 2 C4. Time Server, Site and Forum - GMT +2 Duration of the Buffs, Dances and Songs - 2 hours Maximum Buffs Slots - 26+4 Maximum Slots Dances and Songs - 12 Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90% Olympiads Max Enchant -. 20 Anti-Bot System (Gameguard) Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes Sub-Class Quest - Not Sub-Class Maximum Level - 78 Master Class - Yes Offline mode Shop - Yes Auto Learn Skills - Yes Auto Loot - Yes Auto Raid & Grand Boss Loot - Not Champions System - Yes Wedding System - Yes Aio Buffer - Yes Rates Experience (EXP) - 45x Skill Points (SP) - 65x Adena - 200x Drop Items - 5x Spoil - 25x Weight Limit - Unlimited Manor - 5x Enchants Safe Enchant - 3 Max Enchant - 25 Normal Scroll chance - 50% Blessed Scroll chance 65% and not crystallizes Changes Farm System: All hunting areas of the game only drop Adena , Materials and Equipment , varying only according to their level,except Custom farming zones which drop Adena,Seal Stones , Blood of Saint, BEWS/BEAS and Essence of Raid Boss(but it spoils at very low chance only in 4S chaotic farmzone). The other drops, considered disposable in this server were completely removed from the game. NPCs - NPCs The weapons are retail like except Custom Khadia weapons, Armors are retail like except Titanium Armors and accessories are uniquely customized to provide a unique experience in a fun and competitive environment. Raid & Grand Boss: Raid Bosses are retail like , Grand game Bosses have drops and modified status. The drops and strength of Grand Bosses will vary depending on your level. The Drops may include: Adena, Ancient Adena, Blood of Saint, Essence of Raid Boss and Epics Jewels. All configurations and features that were not reported here are Retail, ie equal to the official Lineage II or were considered irrelevant. Open Beta is ready , all your suggestions , and other things to improve our server we will accept ! Try us , long term server without wipe , no pay2win!
  6. Pride like Interlude
  7. Pride like Interlude
  8. bump , if possible to make a payment to bet365 ofc u will charge ur percent
  9. Hello im LF Adrenaline bot , unfortunately im not able to pay for it as i know we must pay for it , is anyone with good mood available to share it with me ? just pm me , Thanks !
  10. Hello dear l2 players , im looking for people who will join Eternal Sin C4 when it opens , not fail one (Interlude) , looking for some active people for making a clan , using discord , know to assist , speak English. Best regards !
  11. cant wait to open , had great time on ES c3-c4 !
  12. igro sam pre na ovom serveru , sad sam na goldu :) igro bi jbg al ostavio sam dusu na lvl up tamo :)
  13. fix ur patch i get error when open Custom shop...
  14. i got a problem i connect to ur server , everything is fine , but when i go to a zone to exp , after few seconds l2 stops , everything freezes and i need to shut down l2 via task manager... do u know what can it be ?