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  1. Well classic client is 10x batter than any other client, you has good graphics, is a stable client, we not gonna have huge lags on the mass pvp's (same as usually happen on every gold c4/c6 server) there are many other features that make the gameplay easy. Tbh between c4/c6 clients I prefer to play on Classic client, you not gonna stack on the afk chars or offline shops.
  2. Stock 0 ! Stop pm on skype please ! I will be back soon !
  3. https://gyazo.com/22e40356375d8d9b5983b0bc5aba18fa Scammers everywhere ! TOPIC EDITED ! Talisman fate 1 +9 added !
  4. Programer.com try to scam people ! take care ! https://gyazo.com/5735eec2e91a1e129eb988ab84cf2632 https://gyazo.com/22e40356375d8d9b5983b0bc5aba18fa
  5. https://gyazo.com/1fb1192e78859e52ab7ae63907a63e81 There is a screenshot with the adena I have right now, photo was taken few min ago.
  6. WTS Adena on Giran Classic server 1m = 0,9Eur Talisman Fate 1 +9 110Eur Please don waste my time if you don't want to buy. paypal protection payment not accepted! If you realy wish you have a fair trade, we do it in small transactions 1kk=0,9 and we do it all day long if you don't bellive in me ! Also please stop contact me and asking to give you first the adena, you make the payment you get the adenas, same as every sealer, you pay and after you get the adenas, if you want middleman trader, no problem we can use Pufa or someone else ! Skype : wody.wow
  7. i bought all adena. Someone close this topic please. Thank you.
  8. WTB Adena classic NA. need 15kk Adena ASAP. 1kk=4.5€ Paypal family or friends only. Skype : wody.wow
  9. Trusted fast delivery. bought from him yaksa and some adena.
  10. + REP Verry fast delivery, Trusted and the most important Cheap prices the other sellers !
  11. WTS Cleric Char lvl 27 GIRAN L2 Classic. You have 25 days left Premium VIP lvl 4 + a lot of Buff/Exp BOST scrolls and some NCoins! D Grade Armor. Char will be sold as you see on the screenshots ! Send me Private Message!
  12. Sounds nice :) we will see how many people on the opening, as i noticed many clans gonna join there and im glad of that :)
  13. allright and how can i download it? can you please send it to me on skype? if you want ican post a picture with the error i take when i press the link.
  14. The download link dosnt work for me, i guess for more other people it says "the website redirected you too many times and the connection has cancelled" Can you please upload on another website like www.zippyshare.com or other one ? Thank you.
  15. hello there, im looking for an l2 interlude interface witch modify your skill bar keys. Example: For first bar skills to use keyboards f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 etc For second one to use keyboards 1 2 3 4 5 etc For thirth bar to use keyboards qwer Actually i need only for first 2 bars :) can someone help me out please? Thanks in advance.