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  1. im fine mate, just looking maybe sometime i will start play again a good and original GvE server not all that trash servers... Honestly the best gve was the first one with Siege for all towns/castle and who win all of them get a reward that was te best one, 1 adena per kill nothing more but now days i can see people love to play AOE classes just to go camikaze use 2-3 skills aoe and after wait for free adena ^^ and they call that a "Good Vs Evil" server. \ Btw i cant remember verry good about you, i mean im loosing most of memory from gve becouse i used to play with my cousin on gold servers for a lot of time after we quit from gve :P
  2. Well if you gonna wipe the server every 2 weeks ofcourse peopel dont even join, i remember i used to play there 2 years ago, even on your website got photo with my char :D but there been around 120 players for 1-2 weeks, you got a lot of bugs but people keep playing after that you start wipe the server every 2 weeks and people get bored and Quit from your server... Same shit happend with L2Battle.net / L2Extreme.lt i remember 3-4 years ago he always had around 250-300 on the openings even if on the opening there been all donate on shops and he had a lot of idiots who donated +35 pk everyone and staff like that but still around 250 players everyday.... Before he used to wipe it every 2 months but after that he was too hungry for moneys and wipe it every 3 weeks or 1 month, from 250-300 people he gets now everywipe around 30-50... You have to think about it, if you gonna open a server like yours, wipe it atleast everymonth, pay some fcking moneys for TOP Advertises, for banners, make some advertise events on forum and try to keep it w/o wipe for minimum 1 month... I used to play many servers like yours but after i saw admins are too retarded and wipe it every 2-3 weeks then fck it, no point to play there... i know is a pvp server is an easy farm server but wipe every 2-3 weeks not a good ideea...
  3. well thats mean you dont have the real files or you got files from gold.cc or smt else becouse : 1. Gigduru char been created before 2009 cant remember the year exactly. 2. Char in10se was created between 2009-2011. 3. Char XxGrasuuXx was created before 2009 aswell... Maybe you have some files but not full patch or you get the last files after they mix the servers 3in1. Try to log on that account and post a screen with chars: Fernan - acc ciocan - pass or Fasole - acc cucarnat/ti/tzi one of them on them cucarnatzi cucarnati or cucarnat - pass, not remember exact pasword.
  4. Buldozar i used to be tyrant and i can say i used to play for a lot of seasons but nowdays instead of joinging a sh1t server like this one or like others you can gear up just being a KAMYCAZE no thank you.
  5. Allright go ahead search this chars : Gigiduru / XxGrasuXx / XxGrasuuXx / In10se / LordNecron If you can't find out any of these chars that prove you have not the real files. PS: That are not all my chars, i use to give some names of my Brother and of my Cousin
  6. Well since L2Gold servers are dead i can say L2GvE servers are dead aswell. Everyone trying to open an GvE server but they still make custom modification that fck up all the game, let me explain you why L2GvE had a huge succes: First of all they had a verry nice system and everythign was calculated afte x amonth of pvp you start recive crystals that was usefull for S grade, also there was no custom modification. The augument system was awesome + there was no Adena/Assist, nowdays everyone plays chars with AOE skills just to be camikaze going inside spam 2-3 skills die and after wait for free adena, thats not a big deal. Why you guyz dont try to open a full retail GvE like the first one? Adena/kill, no adena/assist , no custom sh1ts, no custom events, Just the normal GvE fighint to take over the Towns/Castle's and thats it.
  7. so we are still waiting for "ORIGINAL FILES" i can send you my account and my old password, i will realy like to see if you realy has the original files or just another lie. Where are the proofs? you said you gonna put them 13/04/2018 and we are in 21/04/2018 whats going on? another lie? another copy ?