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  1. Sounds nice :) we will see how many people on the opening, as i noticed many clans gonna join there and im glad of that :)
  2. allright and how can i download it? can you please send it to me on skype? if you want ican post a picture with the error i take when i press the link.
  3. The download link dosnt work for me, i guess for more other people it says "the website redirected you too many times and the connection has cancelled" Can you please upload on another website like www.zippyshare.com or other one ? Thank you.
  4. hello there, im looking for an l2 interlude interface witch modify your skill bar keys. Example: For first bar skills to use keyboards f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 etc For second one to use keyboards 1 2 3 4 5 etc For thirth bar to use keyboards qwer Actually i need only for first 2 bars :) can someone help me out please? Thanks in advance.
  5. Looking to buy Adrenalin key leave me the price and i will pm you. ps: i want to buy key for Original adrenalin not craked.
  6. im fine mate, just looking maybe sometime i will start play again a good and original GvE server not all that trash servers... Honestly the best gve was the first one with Siege for all towns/castle and who win all of them get a reward that was te best one, 1 adena per kill nothing more but now days i can see people love to play AOE classes just to go camikaze use 2-3 skills aoe and after wait for free adena ^^ and they call that a "Good Vs Evil" server. \ Btw i cant remember verry good about you, i mean im loosing most of memory from gve becouse i used to play with my cousin on gold servers for a lot of time after we quit from gve :P