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  1. I still hadnt received anything from him. Clear scam for 50$.
  2. I will do it to the admin to block you. For now you are keeping my 50 dollars and refuse to refund them. This is already a scam and i am reporting my bank office and the police now. I hope the administrator will take care of it and block your account.
  3. I can provide all this information to the administrator in private. As of now this guy is a CLEAR scammer because he refuses not only to mail me the adena but to refund the payment. If he isnt a scammer, why would he keep the money? If he thinks the money has suspicious source he can just press a refund button. Instead he keeps it. This guy is a scammer, waiting for administration to tell me where can i get the proofs to get this person blocked for fraud.
  4. This guy is a scammer who just got us for 50$. He made us send him the money using family method to avoid the recall and when he received it he started to ask for my deep personal information like email or private paypal transaction history details etc. instead of mailing the adena or refunding the payment. I've got transaction ID, photos of transaction, skype chat history and so on. All of this i can give to the admin. It's been more than an hour since this person got the money and we cant do anything with it rather than reporting on this website where we found his ad and calling the bank security...this probably wont work but i hope no one will deal with this man again.