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  1. Hi everyone. I am =Live=, the owner of L2Gold.in server. Not being a type of person that discusses a lot on forums in most cases but what's going on here is going beyond every possible line. The whole thrash and mafia needs to stop as you are opening server after server, you are stealing our logo, impersonate with ''Real L2Gold''. I get the fact that our server is also called l2Gold but never have said that we are the real Gold from back in past, we simply want to follow the route they have taken but also bearing in mind that many things have changed or need changing as we are now in 202
  2. @Celestine very good company! noteworthy is doing a great job! and very friendly support a clever man
  3. I recommend these people are honest
  4. such people just copy our hard work this man will be charged for copying the l2gold.in page. @KIDutz If you don't delete this page within 24 hours appropriate services draw the consequences
  5. We are preparing project fixing of coruse was little issues with geodata (C4) change on Interlude geodata and other corrections files Scripts very soon more info
  6. Dear community, Opening is getting closer and closer, therefore we decided to write to you a summary of what is currently happening. First of all, remember that the beta is still working and you can still make some tests. Secondly, if you are reading this and you still do not have an account on the forum - please register. So here we go... 1) LAST CHANGES Added special zone in Olympiad Town (Heine). After entering the guard zone your nickname and title will become invisible. Same after the entrance of the olympiad stadium. I hope he will stop this feeding.
  7. Beta is already open. We invite all interested players to participate and help us improve gameplay. At the moment we accept reports of all bugs and we are working on them. We also currently anticipate that beta tests will last approximately 2 weeks. We need more time to focus on both advertising and other fixes. Soon we will publish information with a summary of current works and further plans. PS. Jahte is not part of our team, although it could have resulted from his statements. PS. I am also asking kindly for thoughtful statements in this topi
  8. It's not about golc.cc or people who has opened it. We are trying to make something different. You won't find in donatations like on gold.cc.. You won't even find something similar. If your are looking for a corruption (clan leaders asking for help for the beggining like it's supposed to be - go back) don't even ask. Belive or not but we will give more than we can take from all of you. We are working on this project over a one a half year. All we wan't is your feedback that we can work on.
  9. I don't what you survived but this forum requires a little culture Its Private Project L2Gold not copy the forum does not require age verification, if you are not interesing in the project, please do not wrote nonsense have a good day.
  10. L2Gold Information This page explains about the basic L2 Gold features and gives some information for the people who are not really familiar with C6 Rates xp45x / sp50x / adena50x (all adena is divided by 100/all shops prices too Server C6 server (retail server) with custom modifications no custom items Gameplay: No weight limit, Buffs 1 hour, rebirth, No class change quests, increased movement speed on all classes Rebirth System Once a player becomes level 78, he can choose to rebirth at the rebirth manager in Aden. A player who becomes reborn starts at level 1 again. Although a