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  1. ? It's a open-source project, feel free to make your contribuition to improve its security.
  2. SQL injection protection in most of case are implemented on input layer validation, for example: <?php $login = "a test or '1='1;"; $result = preg_replace('/[^[:alpha:]_]/', '',$login); echo $result; The L2JPHP handles the DataLayer its not intent to be a Controller, but some logics can be implemented. The protection on L2JPHP is prepearing every transaction in a single statement, the data is sent in a single transaction, not two transaction, I prefer this way. https://github.com/L2jBrasil/L2JPHP/blob/master/src/L2jBrasil/L2JPHP/Models/AbstractSQ
  3. All transactions are made by PDO, naturally sql-injection proof for most of cases. Is nice to review all code, double-checks is never enougth. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/134099/are-pdo-prepared-statements-sufficient-to-prevent-sql-injection
  4. I just wrote a guide how to implement your own models: https://github.com/L2jBrasil/L2JPHP/wiki/How-to-create-a-new-distribuition
  5. I don't think it was an official login screen, but a fanmade one , the original video was produced by Nakki_D https://forums.goha.ru/showthread_0_0_p151027852#post151027852 Its an epic login screen by the way, but I'm pretty sure that its not a client modification or oficial files, but a video made by a fan. --- edit -- Someone send me that video that proof that is actualy a game file and the l2classic.club has it
  6. Hello Everyone, I bring you not a PHP-based L2 server, not a full-fledged website, but a library that will revolutionize L2J web development. Introduction Many parallel projects have been developed over the years, and L2J today is divided into several distributions, each with a different database, whether by table name, fields, etc. A standard was never established for all banks to respect a specific nomenclature, sometimes they were developed by amateur developers, who despite being skilled, never studied and do not know good practices or follow some typ
  7. Optionally you can change the way you call. By node: Or change to json output:
  8. Try change to return br.readLine().equals("<status>1</status>"); or return br.readLine().contains("<status>1</status>"); The return is a simple xml, may you can read it using DOM XML Parser e.g. doc.getElementsByTagName("status").item(0).getTextContent();
  9. I believe that the intention was to say that the package was developed in l2jbrasil or posted there 1st, that's true, really all these names on the credits are from developers and moderators from l2jbr. Although I believe publish url froum source is prohibited by the laws maxcheaters publishing links to the source to not generate traffic to my website ;) @L2J NexuS : If it is a repatch, rework, or changes do make it compatible to new versions, I would like to ask permitions to post it there or invite you to share also there. Thanks.
  10. Yes ^^ Learn to wait. credits: www.l2jbrasil.com =P
  11. ;D Ex: http://l2vampire.ddns.com.br/bossmap/ Download. DOWNLOAD!! Bug's: -There not shows some Boss. -Atualization of the map is very low, because te table is too bigger :-*
  12. Good sharing, I put this image on it and edit the caption. see the image "Legendas by Gruntos" yes I'm!! =P But it has a problem, it's not working right not. open the script and see. a new boss map see this topic http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=43051.new#new