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  1. I don't think it was an official login screen, but a fanmade one , the original video was produced by Nakki_D Its an epic login screen by the way, but I'm pretty sure that its not a client modification or oficial files, but a video made by a fan. --- edit -- Someone send me that video that proof that is actualy a game file and the has it
  2. Hello Everyone, I bring you not a PHP-based L2 server, not a full-fledged website, but a library that will revolutionize L2J web development. Introduction Many parallel projects have been developed over the years, and L2J today is divided into several distributions, each with a different database, whether by table name, fields, etc. A standard was never established for all banks to respect a specific nomenclature, sometimes they were developed by amateur developers, who despite being skilled, never studied and do not know good practices or follow some type of standard. This makes it difficult to develop compatible applications with so many revisions (L2jserver, l2jbrasil, dream, sunrise, frozen, etc.) and different game versions (Interlude, Gracia, Classic, etc.). The big challenge of all is, How to create web applications, in php, that are compatible with the largest number of revisions possible? The answer to that is Data Harmonization. And the best way to do that is to work on the Model layer, which passes to controllers a single known data format. It sounds complex, but isn't it that much ? How it works? First we have to define a set of constants: <?php //PROJECT DEFAULTS define('L2JBR_DIST', "L2JSERVER"); //Wich distribuition? define('L2JBR_L2VERSION', "Interlude"); //Game Version define('L2JBR_SALT', 'change_it_for_something_else'); //This constant will be used to encription and security in the future. //DATABASE define('L2JBR_DB_DRIVER', "mysql"); define('L2JBR_DB_HOST', "localhost"); define('L2JBR_DB_PORT', 3306); define('L2JBR_DB_NAME', "l2jdb"); define('L2JBR_DB_USER', "root"); define('L2JBR_DB_PWD', ""); When configuring the application, it will be necessary to tell which version the Models will be used for. The standard model is the L2JSERVER, as it is the base project for 99% of the other projects, and Interlude, which is the most widespread version, which already increases the initial compatibility of the library. But there you go, you must be asking "okay, but how does it all happen?", See the example below with the Model "Characters" responsible for manipulating a character's data: <?php $CharactersModel = \L2jBrasil\L2JPHP\ModelFactory::build('Players/Characters'); $CharactersModel->get('ID'); //Get Character by ID $CharactersModel->update('ID', ["name"=> "Grundor"]); //Update character name given ID $CharactersModel->ban('ID'); //Apply ban routines for an character $CharactersModel->all(['name','level'],false,10,'level'); //Get Top 10 characters //Advanced Example: $CharactersModel->select(['','']) ->join(\L2jBrasil\L2JPHP\ModelFactory::build('Players/Account')) ->orderby('level') ->limit(100) ->query() ->FetchAll(); The secret is in this "ModelFactory" class. The build method returns the requested model instance, in this case, in the Player/Character namespace. But how does he do it? It dynamically assembles the class instance based on the configuration of the DIST and L2JBR_L2VERSION and will throw an exception if it does not exist, So in the example above the call to "Build" would do the same thing as: <?php $CharactersModel = \L2jBrasil\L2JPHP\Models\Dist\Interlude\L2JSERVER\Players\Characters(); //... Which can be used directly too, without problems, since they are all independent and instantiable classes. Every model will have CRUD ( Create, Read, Update and Delete in English) and "listing (all)" operations. In addition, models implement interfaces, these interfaces will ensure that every model, for example "Characters", of all versions, has the same more standard methods (ban, move, changeProfession, changeLevel, cleanPK, etc.), in addition it will be dynamically allowed. In order to maintain compatibility, a class is being developed that will set up the "where" conditions (second parameter of the all method (listing)) so that the conversion of column names is also applied dynamically by a "field map" that mantain compatibility among all diferent databases, so nomore problens with diferent l2j or l2off distribuitions. Take a look at Characters class <?php /** * Copyright (C) 2018 L2JBrasil * @autor Leonan Carvalho * @license MIT */ namespace L2jBrasil\L2JPHP\Models\Dist\Interlude\L2JSERVER\Players; use L2jBrasil\L2JPHP\Models\AbstractBaseModel; class Characters extends AbstractBaseModel implements \L2jBrasil\L2JPHP\Models\Interfaces\Players\Characters { protected $_table = 'characters'; protected $_primary = 'charId'; protected $_tableMap = [ "name" => "charName", "id" => "charId" ]; public function ban($id) { // TODO: Implement ban() method. } public function getOnline() { $onlineCol = $this->translate('online'); $where = "{$onlineCol} = 1"; return $this->count($where); } } How can you help? There are several revisions, all of them will need and can be implemented, you can write models compatible with the revisions so that it can be used to expand the compatibility of the applications developed using this framework. You may help bulding websites or tools using these library, tools, painels and more web (php) based applications using this library, to expand its coverage. Technical information Licence: MIT PHP version supported: 7.0+ Installation method: composer Namespace standard: "Autoloading Standard" ( PSR-0 ) (migrating to new PSR-4 since deprecation of PSR-0) Status: Work in Progress Repository and Versioning: GIT Repository link:
  3. Optionally you can change the way you call. By node: Or change to json output:
  4. Try change to return br.readLine().equals("<status>1</status>"); or return br.readLine().contains("<status>1</status>"); The return is a simple xml, may you can read it using DOM XML Parser e.g. doc.getElementsByTagName("status").item(0).getTextContent();
  5. I believe that the intention was to say that the package was developed in l2jbrasil or posted there 1st, that's true, really all these names on the credits are from developers and moderators from l2jbr. Although I believe publish url froum source is prohibited by the laws maxcheaters publishing links to the source to not generate traffic to my website ;) @L2J NexuS : If it is a repatch, rework, or changes do make it compatible to new versions, I would like to ask permitions to post it there or invite you to share also there. Thanks.
  6. Yes ^^ Learn to wait. credits: =P
  7. ;D Ex: Download. DOWNLOAD!! Bug's: -There not shows some Boss. -Atualization of the map is very low, because te table is too bigger :-*
  8. Good sharing, I put this image on it and edit the caption. see the image "Legendas by Gruntos" yes I'm!! =P But it has a problem, it's not working right not. open the script and see. a new boss map see this topic
  9. Hello friends, I am using rev 743 l2emu that this topic It seems that she has a problem .. or I set up something wrong, When the character pickup any item, one even adena .. disappear items and shortcuts and appear items +65 into the bag look this image PS: If this topic is in the wrong location,please change for correct local and not delete. And sorry my bad English.
  10. Good work! His posts are always very complete, good!