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  1. Xm, bre gia des, me anagazetai na kanw post meta apo toso kairo in public ^^ To oti einai spam section den paei na pei oti einai kai kai parartima tis ekdidomenis ginaikos edw pera etsi? Ta idia rules pou apply kai sta alla sections ifistantai kai edw, opws flame kai ta sxetika, me tin apli exairesi twn rules peri off topic kai peri spam gia increasement of post count.. Exei ksanaginei to idio thema kai malista me edonotati diamaxi oson afora ta rules tou spam. Peraitero eknevrismos tha odigisei se klidwma tou topic kai anafora gia kaki siberifora gia kathe diaplokisada apo emena proswpik
  2. Fixed :) Server needs to be restarted, so I don't really care for 2 hours, use it until the automated restart :) Selling fix for other admins, PM xD Yeah it works on other servers too...
  3. Ok, enough flamming, locked and the topic owner (as in past cases) was punished.
  4. There's no guide in it, just experiment with small steps increasing these values, for future admins please consider that this may even crash your PC if you don't know what threads/most of the settings are. I'm posting this because as you said: No offense, really this is a valuable one (there are more in the topic posted by banished on l2jserver forums), but you should REALLY watch out what the hell you change before you change it :)
  5. Nope it does not work on our cause i have already added a protection already for that... Here's the code for the admins worthing it... if (playerInstance.isCursedWeaponEquiped()) { npcHtmlMessage.setHtml("<html><head><title>TvT Event</title></head><body>Cursed weapon orwners are not allowed to participate in our events, so get the hell out of here!.</body></html>"); } else if (playerInstance.getKarma
  6. R.I.P. for both... Egw twra den katalaba giati efagan unban afou to eixan ksanakamei, tespa... Afta exei h zwh, iparxoun kai noobozwa! (opws kai prwtozwa-noobozwa alla exoun ena eidos nohmosinis afta toulaxiston!)
  7. Heya, i had stated that before ya heh, RIP for them...
  8. 1) 2) Better use fileedit or even better... http://dstuff.l2wh.com/ (l2endec and l2 asm & disasm) Locked... -Reason: Do not ask...
  9. rates.properties # NOTE: this need quests to be rewritten in dp in order to work RateDropQuest = 1. RateQuestsReward = 1. Topic locked: Wrong Section
  10. T.T You need to edit them, not put them in there just like this... C4 differs from interlude in client files structure. Also, wrong section, topic locked... Until it is moved. Also, you have already created a topic about fileedit.
  11. http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=3400.0 http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=2397.0 or http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=2904.0
  12. Actually i have get them work, you also need 2 tables... faction_members (player_id, faction_id, faction_points, contributions, join_date) and character_faction_quests (char_id, faction_quest_id)... Oh, completely forgot about that i just saw it, also faction_quests (id, faction_id, name, description, reward, mobid, amount, min_level). Htm files needed (i will let you find the commands that are needed inside, read a bit the java files and you will find them easily): data/html/faction/ start.htm already.htm switch.htm join.htm accepted.htm noadena.htm switched.htm d
  13. And with some search on ragezone itemname-e.dat 485 Tattoo of Power +33% P. Attack -1 0 0 0 486 Tattoo of Thorns +15 Reflect Damage -1 0 0 0 487 Tattoo of Resolve +33 Speed Increase -1 0 0 0 488 Tattoo of Flame +65% M.Attack -1 0 0 0 489 Tattoo of Bravery +25% Critical Chance -1 0 0 0 490 Tattoo of Blood +40% Bleed Resistance -1 0 0 0 491 Tattoo of Absolute +15% Health Bonus -1 0 0 0 492 Tattoo of Soul +33% Attack Speed Increase -1 0 0 0 493 Tattoo of Avadon +33% Casting Speed Increase -1 0 0 0 494 Tattoo of Doom +113 P.Defense w
  14. Does this mean something that needs to be noticed? /smacking you around with a large tout IT IS ALSO IN THIS MY C5, better watch out what the heck you write next time: And btw, my opinion is that if l2jserver.com and l2jdp.com didn't exist, we would have nothing. The only noticeable work is done by l2jfree.com too, and we should give credits to these guys and not to some1 else. All this madness started since C4 with the packs made by XXX etc should stop one day, learn to use eclipse and the whole place will be full of packs in seconds... And btw to avoid spamming, i did not