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  1. Everything that this slanderer posted is bullshit, He kept arguing that the money he spent on me would receive more clicks on Facebook, but do those clicks generate the same conversions as a targeted website? he is dissatisfied because he bought a 468x60 banner and got a measly 22 daily clicks in the position below 10th. I have very good Feedback from members of the forum including Far be it from me to create some kind of intrigue, but top.l2jbrasil.com brings together the main lineage2 leads in latin america, there are more than 84k of users in the webpush alone and more than 68k of our facebook pixel. Be sure that you will never find me rude and precarious service, I am always trying to offer the best for my clients' budget. I bring back the hidden topic by my staff (it was in an wrong place by the way), you can use google translate but may not work because many typo in the portuguese writing . https://www.l2jbrasil.com/topic/134191-sobre-o-top-l2jbrasil-a-verdade/?do=findComment&comment=791240 PS: It is a fact that many hire bots capable of overcoming captcha or giving crumbs to Chinese to perform the votes. But these practices are banned when discovered by proofs.
  2. You know, you went there. You`re wrong, but I don`t blame you, Brazil is a continental sized country , I`m from a state with size of demark for example. In fact there is many people with bad intentions, just going around leeching and put content here, but I don`t see scammers, but translators. For example I saw many users using a map that I made in 2012, tile by tile in the past for interlude, and many other projects on time of L2emu and l2jfree (when I was an active developer) L2jBrasil is a community of many faces, you should try before say that. We are open to support any open-source (trully not that mutant-freemium crap) , in the past many projects (script, cutsom, websites, web painels, etc) were born in our community, even this l2jdream that not differ from others. But we are not only an Adm Forum, we are also a Players forum, and that Is the best because thanks to us the lineage2 still strong in Brazil =) But you will not awnser because you got banned mf