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  1. Some big and old servers have already removed this top from their site! :)
  2. The owner of top l2jbrasil and the l2jbrasil forum owns this server, in which he keeps with infinite votes in his corrupt top. L2Latin = L2JBrasil
  3. After much discussion, we started to post all the evidence and the topic was deleted quickly. The corrupt Administrator did not have the courage to respond. NOW 18.5k votes, still offline. 16.9k votes - Now over 18k votes. Fake, this server no have more than 300 players online. This server, without any online players, made 100 votes in 2 minutes and after my denunciation the votes stopped.
  4. I come to make a denounce to all, do NOT USE... or STOP use topl2jbrasil. I've been analyzing some of the top sites for a few months, and I've found concrete evidence that topl2jbrasil is a corrupt site and no have suficient traffic. The first positions are being sold, some sites even offline are obtaining automatic votes by the own system of topl2jbrasil. We have several evidence, including the denunciation within their forum, which was then erased by the corrupt administrator who could not justify his actions. How it works? The first 8 positions are