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  1. got cancelled. this is the new project 😄
  2. was fun while it lasted. probely until next server :D
  3. Changelog 2021-01-11 Stage [3] - currently active on server since 01/11/2021: Max Level extended to 80(Main)|80(Retail Sub)|85(pets). grade items are back in game Epics are scaled to Lv. 80 Enabled back quests: Gather the Flames; Relics of the Old Empire; Delivery of Special Liquor; Egg Delivery; The Finest Food; The Finest Ingredients; Alliance with the Ketra Orcs; Alliance with Varka Silenos Starter Pack is upgraded to C-grade. Newbie buffer is updated to Stage [3]. If you have Buffcard you can have newbie buffs up to Lv80! Scaled S-Grade 2 handed mage weapon to Gracia Final Stat. Infinity Scepter is limited to 200M.atk instead of 249(GF). Tallum*DLE is available for craft at mammon. New skill Chant of Protection is available from Lv79. Frintezza will be disabled by this week. ETA: Next week Tuesday/Thursday as intended. More updates coming, also new Drop-Spoil patch will be released tomorrow.
  4. still going strong. ~1k daily online.
  5. 24hours to go before opening!!!! Be there!! Pre-opening event: https://gleam.io/5VR6G/dragonnetwork-gaia-x5
  6. OPENING in 2 days 20:00 CET !!!
  7. yea i figured. this should be fine tho, if not tell me.
  8. haven't been here in ages. the whole forum changed :) i wrote everything in code like [img][/img] and [size=][/size] and [url=][/url] now this is the best i can do to fix it.
  9. Website: https://dragon-network.net/ Forum: http://forum.dragon-community.net/index.php Discord: https://discord.gg/ERgS7EU Server Event: https://gleam.io/5VR6G/dragonnetwork-gaia-x5 What is Substack: http://forum.dragon-community.net/index.php?topic=298145.0 Launch date: November, 27th. 2020, 19:00 GMT+2 Dear friends! We are glad to announce you, that we are back with something spicy on the table for you. There's been long time since our last project ended up how it is. We are not coming with excuses, if you have played our servers, you should be known despite the files quality, it always have been a pleasure and fun to play and try-out Dragon-Network's special trademark, the Sub-stacking gameplay. This time we stayed loyal to it, so please welcome our new Unique Project named: GAIA. Enough from the introduce, rush to the part, what we are exactly cooking for you. [ Platform / Chronicle ] We are going with retail Gracia Final files downgraded to Interlude. All skills, functions, features works as intended on retail Interlude servers, except the ones we reworked for game balance fitting sub-stack feature. The files and extender are not the same as we used to Hellbound Chronicle. [ Rates ] We decided to go with x5 EXP rate. This could be a mid-way for everyone, who got less time to play will even catch up due to several features. First of all, big factor is the level cap on stages, which is set to Lv60 on first stage. Second thing is, you have both Vote/Donate options to further increase the EXP gain. Not last, but at least we will run several events, which for sure contain EXP boost and maybe even more! The more about rates is announced down below. [ Level Cap ] As we mentioned before, there is a level cap for each stage. 1st Stage: Lv60 100% 2nd Stage: Lv75 100% 3rd Stage: Lv80 100% [ Subclass / DN's Sub ] **Retail subclass system is untouched, as it remains retail like. However we are happy to announce, that DN Sub will be available from Lv40 and having 2nd class, just like the previous server Nova. **http://forum.dragon-community.net/index.php?topic=298145.0 [ Stages and it's Transition ] We are going to have 3 stages, hopefully every one of them with full of actions. The first stage has it's own reworked gameplay, also contains some item modifications (Core/Orfen = B-Grade). The trainsition into Stage 2 phase is dynamic, we put checks on several actions which are logged in a database. Every action counts, so just sit back, relax, grind and once the requirements reached, you will be announced that It's moving onto Stage 2. Keep on mind that this feature appears on Dragon-Network for the very first time, anything goes wrong, you should not be worried cause we are still having all data saved and we will manually switch the stage. [ Rates ] Exp: x5 SP: x5 Adena: x3 (amount) Ancient Adena: x3 (amount) Drop: x3 (chance) Spoil: x3 (chance) [ Extra Features ] Unique Project: Fight your way to the top through 3 stages! DN Unique Substack System - free from Lv40* [url=http://forum.dragon-community.net/index.php?topic=298145.0][b]*Details Here*[/b][/url] Newbie Helper up to lvl 52 - No custom NPC Buffers Songs & Dances are now merged into Combo (Bard) Retail enchant rates, no customs. **Balancing skills for example: Hide, Shadowstep, Combo Song & dances, Stigma, Improved Buffs, BattleWhisper & Defense Motion added & More No Pay2Win donations. DDoS protection Dedicated Proxies for European/US/BR/Ru players Offline Trade system No autoloot No auto-learn skills Blacksmith and Merchant of mammon services are in town. Balanced tattoo system 3 clients allowed at the same time for usage. Helpdesk Ticket system for professional troubleshooting "Worth" Voting System. Unique items you can get from Vote, that you can't get from Donate. Added Enchanced / Refined version of Orfen and Core **http://forum.dragon-community.net/index.php?topic=298109.0 [ Raid Bosses ] RB Exp/SP: x5 RB Drop: x2 (chance) Epics: x1 Respawn timers: Normal raids: 12+8 retail Epics: Static (will be announced later on) [ Current state of project ] We are working on last update, which will be released by the weekend with OBT. An **Updates topic will be opened on the forum with all the changes related to the Project. Each stages will be detailed as well. ** http://forum.dragon-community.net/index.php?topic=298109.0 Website: https://dragon-network.net/ Forum: http://forum.dragon-community.net/index.php Discord: https://discord.gg/ERgS7EU Server Event: https://gleam.io/5VR6G/dragonnetwork-gaia-x5
  10. shit server with even more shittier files. corrupted admins. very active pre-launch. after launch they do not help anyone what so ever. they just collect money and drop you hard. dont waste your time here.
  11. updated: main level increased 59 > 60 wolf level inceased 56 > 57 gained retail HE (currently 44) enchanted D-Grade Bow+QR+8
  12. http://l2e-global.com/ Interlude Reworked (with VP & Instances) SwordSinger level 60(MAX) with Cgrade equips and adena + Retail: HE45 with FamilyCrossBow+QR+9 Everything you need has it: Greater Wolf57 + Starter Sets + Overenchanted Bonus Dgrade weapon + Premium Account + Retails server has 3 stages. Stage 1 = lvl1 - 60 x1 rate (now) Stage 2 = lvl1 - 75 x1 rate (start mid april) Stage 3 = lvl1 - 80 x1 rate so you wont be behind. The rate after the max level is x0.01
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