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  1. shit server with even more shittier files. corrupted admins. very active pre-launch. after launch they do not help anyone what so ever. they just collect money and drop you hard. dont waste your time here.
  2. updated: main level increased 59 > 60 wolf level inceased 56 > 57 gained retail HE (currently 44) enchanted D-Grade Bow+QR+8
  3. http://l2e-global.com/ Interlude Reworked (with VP & Instances) SwordSinger level 60(MAX) with Cgrade equips and adena + Retail: HE45 with FamilyCrossBow+QR+9 Everything you need has it: Greater Wolf57 + Starter Sets + Overenchanted Bonus Dgrade weapon + Premium Account + Retails server has 3 stages. Stage 1 = lvl1 - 60 x1 rate (now) Stage 2 = lvl1 - 75 x1 rate (start mid april) Stage 3 = lvl1 - 80 x1 rate so you wont be behind. The rate after the max level is x0.01
  4. i must say this server looks very promising. Most definitely going to take a look at the launch and try it for the weekend!
  5. Stacksub is a difficult thing to play and even more difficult to balance. With these changes low-rate Stacksub has never been more balanced. The progressive upgrade to GF is that we keep the available content for the players up to date. Interlude is beloved client by the community but the content in Interlude is pretty low. The update is planned for late December (mb even January). in those 3-4 months you should be able to complete all that Interlude can offer you.
  7. SERVER OPENS 21.09.2018 (THIS FRIDAY) 18:00
  8. BETA IS CLOSED Admins & Devs are preparing for the launch 18:00 GMT+1, THIS FRIDAY (21 September)
  9. The GM team and the community will do its best to punish all IPs detected and delete all farmed items. We had this before when Admin deleted specific items from cheaters. Backtracked it all the way to the fair buyers. Buyers will not get punished specificly but they could lose cheated items. So my honest opinion is dont buy from known cheaters or reported ppl. Let admins decide first before you decide to buy from a suspicious person.
  10. We will try to punish everyone we can grab our hands on. With the help of an active GM team and players that report the suspicious
  11. ingame you can buy exp/spoil/drop runes (only 1 of those works at one time). you can buy those easily with ingame votecoins (takes like 30seconds to obtain 2 of them) with the exp rune the exp rate will go up to +/- x10
  12. 8 days until opening. Test your stuff on the BETA test sertvers now you still can. OBT closes in a few days! HOW TO JOIN THE BETA
  13. No only same class stacksubs are allowed to withhold ppl from doing crazy broken stacksubs. So only human/human, elf/elf, orc/orc etc.