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  1. We have officially moved to Stage 2 phase of OBT - Read more about it here Some updates/changes have been made over the weekend, make sure you read them: Click here Click here -
  2. Currently on OBT - Click here to Join Launch date: November (exact day TBA) We are glad to announce you, that we are back with something spicy on the table for you. There's been a year since our last project Gaia and it was a huge success. The Stage concept and skill changes made up for a great experience to our players and provided lots of good fights like the ones on the video you just watched. This time, not only will we keep those features, but will also update the ones people thought needed some work. We are going with OFF Gracia Final files downgraded to Interlude. All skills, functions, features works as intended on retail Interlude servers, except the ones we reworked for game balance fitting sub-stack feature. We decided to go with x5 EXP/SP rate. This could be a mid-way for everyone, who got less time to play will even catch up due to several features. First of all, big factor is the level cap on stages, which is set to Lv60 on first stage. Second thing is, you have both Vote/Donate options to further increase the EXP gain. Last but not least we will run several events (including weekend boosts) which for sure contain EXP boost and maybe even more! x3 Adena/Drop/Spoil/SealStones We are going to have 3 Stages, hopefully every one of them with full of actions just like on previous server. Every Stage will have it's own reworked gameplay like Skills/Items/Quests and even Epics modifications. Click here for more information Stage 1: Level 60 100%. Stage 2: Level 75 100%. The transition into Stage 2 phase will happen after 3-4 weeks of opening day. Stage 3: Level 80 100%. The transition into Stage 3 phase will happen 3-4 weeks after Stage 2 hits. Normal Subclass system is untouched, as it remains retail like. We are also happy to announce, that DN Substack will be available from lvl 40, granted you have 2nd class. On character creation, you will receive the Horn - Quest Item needed for the DN Substack in your Inventory. Dragon-Network Substack is a feature which allows you to play 2 classes of one race combined in 1 character. This means that when you create your character, you start with your main class and when you reach lvl 40 (with second class done), you can add another class of the same Race into your main class. For Example you start with Human Warrior and eventually you hit lvl 40 and make second class of "Treasure Hunter". Now you can add your DN Substack to this class, choosing for example "Warlord" and your main class can now have the skills from both Treasure Hunter and Warlord and use them both in all content of the game, be it PVE, PVP or even Olympiad. This means that as you level up, you will be able to learn the new skills of both TH and WL. This system also allows you to do the same with your normal Subclasses. Lets say you finished the subclass quest and you want to make your first *normal* subclass a Spellsinger. This means you now have: Main class: Treasure Hunter + Warlord 1st Subclass: Spellsinger And its not over here, as you can also add the DN Substack to your subclasses but this time it won't be for free as you have to kill Longhorn Golkonda in Tower of Insolence to get the horn needed to make your DN Substack - More information here Our community loves this system as it provides a different - more complete experience of the game. We all know how boring it can be to play a certain character and only pressing one button the whole time. Well... with DN Substack system every character has way more buttons to press and for example, support characters become way more fun and engaging to play. Who wants to play a Bladedancer and have almost nothing to do other than giving dances and casting some medusa's right? This system also allows for way more diversity of characters and way easier time on building a party as it will be easier to have all the supports you need while still providing fun to every person involved, be it in PVP or PVE. Granted its only available on Stage 3, the matches will run normally and everyone will have access to the skills of both their main class and their DN Substack. At the end of the olympiad period, you will be competing for hero in the class you are at that point. For example, with Adventurer + Dreadnought, if olympiad ends and you are on Adventurer status, you will compete for Adventurer hero. If you are on Dreadnought status, you will compete for Dreadnought. This means you can manipulate what hero you want to be competing for between your two classes. All you have to do is, before olympiad period ends, switch to the class you want to compete for hero by speaking with Astral NPC. Unique Project - Fight your way to the top through 3 stages! DN Unique Substack System - Free from lvl 40 -More details here Newbie Helper - Buffs up to lvl 52 More details here Improved Buffs - More details here Combo Dances/Songs - More details here Enchant Rates - Retail like with no customs Magical Staffs - Stats increased to meet Gracia Final values Elixir of Mental Strength - Mana received increased by 75% on all grades SA Focus - Added to Bow of Peril and Carnage Bow No Pay2Win donations DDoS protection Dedicated Proxies - For European/US/BR/Ru players Offline Trade System - More details here Autoloot - Only available in exchange of Vote Coins No Auto-Learn skills - No need spellbooks to learn Blacksmith and Merchant of Mammon - Services available in every town Tattoo system Dual Boxes - 3 clients allowed at the same time for usage Voting System - Unique items you can only get from Vote, that you can't get from Donate More details here RB Exp/SP - x5 RB Drop - x2 (chance) Epics - x1 Normal Bosses: 12h +- 1h random Retail Subclass Bosses & Barakiel: 6h +-1h random Epics: Static spawn times - More details here _________________ New Server Dragon x5 INTERLUDE Join our Facebook Page Join our Discord 10+ years of uptime!
  3. http://forum.dragon-community.net/index.php?topic=298078.msg2530131#new check this one out. Open date 27 November
  4. http://forum.dragon-community.net/index.php?topic=298078.msg2530131#new [ Rates ]We decided to go with x5 EXP rate. This could be a mid-way for everyone, who got less time to play will even catch up due to several features. First of all, big factor is the level cap on stages, which is set to Lv60 on first stage. Second thing is, you have both Vote/Donate options to further increase the EXP gain. Not last, but at least we will run several events, which for sure contain EXP boost and maybe even more! The more about rates is announced down below.[ Level Cap ]As we mentioned before, there is a level cap for each stage.1st Stage: Lv60 100%2nd Stage: Lv75 100%3rd Stage: Lv80 100%[ Subclass / DN's Sub ]Retail subclass system is untouched, as it remains retail like. However we are happy to announce, that DN Sub will be available from Lv40 and having 2nd class, just like the previous server Nova.[ Stages and it's Transition ]We are going to have 3 stages, hopefully every one of them with full of actions. The first stage has it's own reworked gameplay, also contains some item modifications (Core/Orfen = B-Grade). The trainsition into Stage 2 phase is dynamic, we put checks on several actions which are logged in a database. Every action counts, so just sit back, relax, grind and once the requirements reached, you will be announced that It's moving onto Stage 2. Keep on mind that this feature appears on Dragon-Network for the very first time, anything goes wrong, you should not be worried cause we are still having all data saved and we will manually switch the stage.[ Olympiad ]TBA.. during OBThttp://l2on.net/img/icons/etc_exp_point_i00.png Exp: x5http://l2on.net/img/icons/etc_sp_point_i00.png SP: x5http://l2on.net/img/icons/etc_adena_i00.png Adena: x3 (amount)http://l2on.net/img/icons/etc_ancient_adena_i00.png Ancient Adena: x3 (amount)http://l2on.net/img/icons/g_rune_itemdrop_up.png Drop: x3 (chance)http://l2j.ru/img/icons/skill0254.png Spoil: x3 (chance)http://l2on.net/img/icons/weapon_fort_flag_i00_rune_panel.pngUnique Project: Fight your way to the top through 3 stages!http://l2on.net/img/icons/weapon_buffalo_horn_i00.png DN Unique Substack System - free from Lv40** details herehttp://l2j.ru/hellbound/img/icons/skill1059.png Newbie Helper up to lvl 52 - No custom NPC Buffershttp://l2j.ru/hellbound/img/icons/skill0275.png Increased duration of Dances and Songs by 1 minute. Enchant levels are scaled.http://l2j.ru/hellbound/img/icons/etc_scroll_of_enchant_weapon_i05.png Retail enchant rates, no customs.http://l2j.ru/hellbound/img/icons/mouse_coin_i00.png No Pay2Win donations. DDoS protection Dedicated Proxies for European/US/BR/Ru playershttp://l2j.ru/hellbound/img/icons/skill1069.png Offline Trade system No autoloothttp://l2j.ru/hellbound/img/icons/skill1235.png No auto-learn skillshttp://l2j.ru/hellbound/img/icons/etc_ancient_adena_i00.pngBlacksmith and Merchant of mammon services are in town.http://l2j.ru/hellbound/img/icons/etc_men_symbol_i00.png Tattoo system 3 clients allowed at the same time for usage. Helpdesk Ticket system for professional troubleshooting "Worth" Voting System. Unique items you can get from Vote, that you can't get from Donate.http://l2on.net/img/icons/accessory_earring_of_orfen_i03.png Added Enchanced / Refined version of Orfen and Core******More details herehttp://l2on.net/img/icons/skill19226.png RB Exp/SP: x5http://l2on.net/img/icons/etc_blessed_scrl_of_ench_wp_s_i05_pannel_blessed.png RB Drop: x2 (chance)http://l2on.net/img/icons/accessory_necklace_of_valakas_i00.png Epics: x1http://l2j.ru/img/icons/skill5239.png Respawn timers:Normal raids: 12+8 retailEpics: TBA during OBT.[ Current state of project ]We are working on last update, which will be released by the weekend with OBT. An "Updates" topic will be opened with all the changes related to the Project. Each stages will be detailed as well. Here is the announcement in their forum. Hopefuly this brings back memories from some oldschool dragon-network players. Check the forum and join the Discord !
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