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  1. Thats great news! Can't wait to try it out.
  2. Any idea/speculation on when will it come to the west? Can I hope for this year still?
  3. Been searching for a server to kill some time and came across a bunch of mid-rate craft servers with pretty much the exact same features. Is this what private servers are all about nowadays!? What happened to devs trying to give their servers its own idenditity through custom features/farm/items!? Anyway, if anyone knows a decent GF/HF custom server, feel free to share.
  4. Are the rates still retail or was it also adjusted for PvP format? Looks very very interesting to me.
  5. Basically Hopzone isn't confirming my vote, everytime I rebrowse the page after voting it asks me to vote again, whats the deal with this?
  6. LF -Custom armors/weapons from GoD -Capes, mounts and dress me -Custom farm items/zones with somewhat challenging path -Rate x30~x50, but down to up to x100 -American proxy if possible
  7. How do I remove Nobless Blessing from debuffs? And how to I re-enable the Nevit window?
  8. I get that somebody has fixed it already, i just don't get the point of releasing a interface that doesn't work.
  9. Then what's the point of releasing a interface that doesn't work?!
  10. Has anyone fixed this already? I want this interface so bad.
  11. Bu but... its all in cyrillic. :okey:
  12. I did exactly this and got crash too, any of you guys figured out how to make this patch work?
  13. I'm looking for this interface, or at least on how to move the vitality bar to nevit's one.