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  1. gonna join for some fun :)
  2. 5000e java code? what ur coding bro, new geo engine? lmao
  3. top server, join and enjoy
  4. what did you expect from a corrupt fake shithole server?
  5. i can tell you a real fact for 2k19, Tales wont have more then 200 REAL Players in the next 15 server editions this Year.
  6. forgot? lmao, that scrub makes anthing he can fake, online players, forum viewers phantoms etc.
  7. full of ppls xDDD towns empty, farm spots empty, server empty. go make gathering event with boxes, lmao.
  8. nice online stalone, how much is it, 50? 100? xD told ya server gonna fail.
  9. you mean, every low budget trash server with 100 real online
  10. thats not a gathering event, that a log 4 boxes event
  11. https://imgur.com/a/qdj8Xht Thats how to get more players on a screenshot xD
  12. server failed even at opening xD
  13. lets get some facts straight Expected BIG clans to come ? 0 Expected Real online ? 100 Expected time the server will survive ? 1 week Expected corruption? BIG TIME Expected DDOS at first days? BIIIG Time Expected Bots? Big Time why even join such a trash server? :D those 100 online players gonna move to l2e-global anyway in april
  14. idk, but www.lineage2bot.com is safe for sure. just be carefull buying keys from others.