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  1. XD why lie? You have nothing unique on your server, what took months to code? edit the config files? copy paste features? You'r too lazy to even spend more then 5 min on a server presentation.
  2. Raidfight sucked balls 10 years ago, sucks balls agian. Copy Paste Developer lulz.
  3. 4 -5 random clans with 5 online players at peak hours you mean. nobody gonna join stalones corrupt lowbie java servers.
  4. all you gonna rape are phantoms in towns at tales server, lmao.
  5. Agian 2 days server by stalone xD lmao
  6. just dont host your server in RU, in EU they can't do shit, tell em to fuck off.
  7. Corrupt sh1t server, with dumb russian admin.
  8. that server protection probably as good as ur server files ur selling. broken as fuck.
  9. as Title says Selling WL 85 Full Sub Geared + Premium Moirai HV 900 attri set Vesper Stormer 300 Olf's Shirt Zaken Cloak Vesper Jewels SoS 83 Titan 83 Cat 83 Judicator 80 PP with CC all accounts for 25 euro
  10. WL 85 full sub nobles 50 euro PP 83 25 euro + other support accs 80+ pm if interested
  11. such fake screenshots with boxes/phantoms wont make people come to play, it makes them go away brah.
  12. nice server but no people :(
  13. gonna join for some fun :)
  14. 5000e java code? what ur coding bro, new geo engine? lmao