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  1. lol this server is biggest epic fail in history of h5 servers
  2. i think this server will last longer than any other h5 mid server that was opened in last 2years
  3. ol+judi exactly what we need :D top classes
  4. may god this server will be destiny/saga destroyer :D looking good af been w8ing for such server for a long time :O
  5. redmoon will have some new features and events i think it will be the best server 2k18 i also like that sub class quest need to be done so will be alot of pvp at cabrio and TOY rbs
  6. i think i know you. you are one of those custom x9999 java br servidors gms? the man the mith the legend the cancer of l2 him self :D
  7. lul it was only mxc warriors in that server :D
  8. nice server name probably was hard to make it
  9. pepisek tryhard on pvp servers :D
  10. l2 esports is not for low rate servers the only fair esport games possible in private beta servers when every1 have equal gear.... this event gonna win some handless fat fucks nolifers who playing this game 24/7
  11. ya h5 servers missing some good pvp servers im not counting trash aeron server
  12. it is fandc but they made alot of changes on them so its worst than fandc :D