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  1. 1week servers at 2k19 is normal :D
  2. c6 interface at 2k19 lul ppl should start doing interface for classic i think
  3. l2adidas expected 20k with fake count and fantoms 50k
  4. pink power will dominate this server for sure
  5. nobody judge anything if you open l2 server you need to know what you doing
  6. we played in l2 europa they use offy files everything works how it should be
  7. im not hater but its actually true :D played on this chronicle and sph with c grade wep crit 5k slug to top jewels i dont want to imagine what he could do with AM acumen 15k crits?
  8. https://eu.4gameforum.com/threads/654772/ i played on l2europa and there was no s grade also.. no idea where you found s grade on classic i cant find that info