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    will be the same for beyond :D
  2. achujek top scammer since 2k14? :O
  3. [L2OFF] L2 iPlay

    like you do something irl lul :D
  4. [L2OFF] Beyond World

    well this was posted 4days ago if you didnt noticed :D
  5. [L2OFF] L2 iPlay

    seems like a good server not to easy and not hard core :) pepisek go duo? ;D


    he means 7x server and 2x adena lul :D all other 1x if you open 7x server keep it balancd with other rates bcose game play gets fked up when you are 70lvl with c grade common set
  8. Discussion Threats against iPlay project

    When beyond gm realised he fked up and then tryed to solve everything
  9. [L2OFF] Beyond World now I see what he was talking about :D i never seen geodata like this :DDDDD
  10. [L2OFF] Beyond World

    whitch is?????
  11. [L2J]Skirmish

    ya :D all fighters dmg -200% :D mages +200%
  12. [L2J]Skirmish

    i think this is the main reason off 95% of eu servers nowadays :D ru servers dont change anything in balance and have the best online :D
  13. [L2J]Skirmish

    its funny to see how gms trying to balance something and make it even worse bcose they dont know how things work in l2 :D and another thing where is elegia sets? :DDDD its h5 oh probably they are to ''OP'' who decided that? well definetly not ncsoft :D we have better developers than ncsoft its l2aeron the legendary server devs who nerf classes bcose some1 cry in forum who have no idea how to play
  14. [L2OFF] Beyond World

    l2 is same shit last 8years so? the difference is that rpg club gathering way more ppl than other servers