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  1. i played in asterios and i can tell that online is not fake you need to fight for any spots on any levels also botting is imposible even if you open adr and dont bot you get banned bcose they detect it and they dont make any discusions about unbanning
  2. still russian h5 low rates keep huge online look at rpg club and asterios server there is no other server that can compete against them
  3. i logged in at server after 30min start, saw 150online via alt+b whitch is fake aswell and insta log out :D
  4. brazon selling oly pts its normal :D they should add oly pts in donation shop aswell :DD
  5. only servers that last long is ru low rates such as asterios/rpg club other servers are just 2-5weeks max and its never gonna change bcose l2 community is retarded even pvp servers last longer than mid rates, bcose there is way more fun
  6. dafuq is that pc its older than l2 it self :D
  7. features seems nice remind me old mid rate servers with high buff amount and buffs get back after 10sec so no need rebuff after every fight