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  1. who ready to get raped in ass? beta in 3 days
  2. he probably made those scrools 10% chance so ppl will spend money for loterry :D l2 luna next month incoming for sure :D with "different staff" like allways
  3. lol enchant wep to +7/8 and make it 16+ for 50e nice server :DDDDDDDD
  4. no hate but you open this server there wont be any clans and after 1 week solo players will realise theres no point to play and move to l2 tales when its open
  5. imagine saga gm flaming tales :D server who died in 7 days bcose thats what he payd those clans also not mentioning his corupted server there was few partys who botted 24/7 in loa and after reporting them in forum he deleted post just to defend 1 payed cp no wonder server died so fast that bot party was selling 50000 noble stones after 2 days of server open and bought out all auction items
  6. brazon doesnt do anything he just ban bots in game mose are most corupted shit ask achylek when had 12+ itemss full epics from him
  7. you mad bcose your dog shit lionna destiny etc... servers max 1 week?
  8. lol showing 9v9 at baium and say its not dead :D
  9. so if you dont invite clans you should make 3-4 castles max in the game to keep action for sieges
  10. so 0 online since clans dont join LUL