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  1. [L2J] L2World

  2. Discussion What about a server like this?

    worst server ever
  3. WTS Adrenaline Keys Cheap

    Trusted comfirmed BY kurwateam
  4. [L2j] L2LUNA

    *off like geodata* will see about that :D
  5. [L2J] L2Renaissance

    why you use l2 tales logo? :D
  6. [L2j] L2Reef

    to mutch farm for such low online server...
  7. cz to handless for h5?
  8. Cz pepisek server gm?
  9. Discussion L2POA Need Player Opinion

    so just make pvp server where every1 have karma and mobs drop full items with high chance
  10. [L2J] L2Devil

    better explain these heawy armor penalty :D what the actual fuck is this server your server dev probably never played l2 or have no idea what hes doing
  11. L2Maxcheaters

    lf good pvp server :D not those shits like aeron where gms know more about balance than ncsoft :D 9999 changelogs in 1 week
  12. L2Maxcheaters

    achujek fans defending him :D
  13. L2Maxcheaters

    ya like i dont know whats the point opening server where you need to farm for days to get items 99% of l2 community just want pvp/ sieges/oly this game have fked up farming sistem and all knows that clicking buttoms non stop for 3h is a fking hell
  14. L2Maxcheaters

    asterios 10y or more alive and still op online