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  1. sadly there was more flags then ppl daily logged so for a moment giran was lookin more alive xd btw. sadtimes was for insta bannin intead of tryin to fix, not bout flag bug xd
  2. sad times on l2debil 2k20 xD
  3. Wts DP ( donation pounds ) l2tales 800 stock 100 = 8e 1st money, then DP in game contact: skype idafuqy / here only paypal
  4. hello stanx still same psw?
  5. - necro 78lv 3rd class / all bosses for sub killed / premium till 13.12.2019 ( can be sold with dc robe set + bomt ( not common ) - 400 rur - 50kk adena skype: idafuqy
  6. and that's alot on server start with unlimited clients?
  7. imagine how alive mid h5's are in 2k19 when a polak clan is a "big side" in there xd
  8. that moment when u're gettin banned cuz they've had hole in fence on event and you moved inside 300iq
  10. who carez, ded from ddoska from fb: Hello all! Server will be closed. All the Donation has been send back to the senders (1-2 days need to return). Sorry for your time but is the most shit game ever . Later i will make a post with the most critical bugs and , the flood with the adreniline that they make as , so all the players and all the admins will know that moment when u adv server for 3months just to open it and close after a day xd
  11. whole night on cementary macro farm w/o boosts, got 3k adenka
  12. "destroying" servers on maxcheaters in 2k19 lul and actually that guy gives u normal answers, you're the one spammin him some sh1ts like "eksdedede reopen serber lulululu" for 5screens get into it, 2k19, l2j eu privs reopen 4times+ a year
  13. sry for quote, missclicked with edit :<