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  1. whole night on cementary macro farm w/o boosts, got 3k adenka
  2. "destroying" servers on maxcheaters in 2k19 lul and actually that guy gives u normal answers, you're the one spammin him some sh1ts like "eksdedede reopen serber lulululu" for 5screens get into it, 2k19, l2j eu privs reopen 4times+ a year
  3. sry for quote, missclicked with edit :<
  4. 8k gold sealed DC robe set - sold phoenix jewel set sealed ( w/o one earring ) 2kkk adena sov+a+5 - sold hom+a+6 - sold skype: idafuqy
  5. nice fun after doin train in ant nest, 1st got stucked in wall, then ported under spot and anyway like 2 alive ppl in giran xd
  6. that cringe polak tryhardin so badly to protect corrupted server, hopefull mouse will give ya a reward
  7. it's dead anyway since started so who cares, before atleast they had some randoms loggin on those mid's now they have just paid clans fightin eachother with full items on epics, it's way better to find h.rate h5 then mid h5 eu
  8. eventka, tell me why I should choose ya on PM ( if u gurl, nudes enough )