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  1. Hello, i made a fast code within 10 minute. It's Rock Paper Scissor with your self. You basically type .rps select Rock or Paper or Scissor, you wait 3 seconds and see the results if you won, lose or tie. PS. It's coded for L2J H5 only. Other project's wont work cause it use listeners e.t.c Code - Html (html is very simple only 3 buttons so change it) PS. Sorry for mistake. It's late i wrote Paper as Pepper i think.
  2. Thanks. It's a private (for clients only) project which people will get it via SVN. Currently i get feedback and requests. So please write down request or stuff you would like to see.
  3. L2 Midnight-Tales is a Private H5 project (based on L2J Source), which i developed and keep working on months now. Currently it aim in both custom addons and retail - missing features such as Zaken DayTime, Freya Ultimate, Pailaka Injured Dragon etc. It's uploaded on https://xp-dev.com/ hosting which allow users to grab the source and any update that is available. The purpose of this topic is to get feedback by users of H5 Community. Note: You can view and check the XML configurations bellow: Buffer Startup Achievement Write your opinion below in comments. What would you like to see as a new feature in a project. What make you feel sad in most of the projects. Thanks a lot for the view. PS. The project is private. This mean once is ready for use it will be released via 1 time payment to access the SVN and then monthly payment if you're willing to in order to remain into SVN. Contact me on discord