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  1. Hello, It was posted before also, but it was reposted again on Friday in order to bump it. Thank you, L2 Vermilion Team
  2. The server went LIVE on July 10th. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ !!! 1 Month Event !!! === 1 WEEK FREE PREMIUM Activated for the whole account by the first vote on any character from it. Available until Monday 10-August-2020 09:24 CET. [you need to relog after .getreward to activate premium] === 2x Party XP === <<Rune of XP 50% - 10 hours>> on all new characters === Starting gear D Grade and NoGrade + shots
  3. Hello, As you may have guessed, the server development is a side hustle and not a full time job for us. We did it out of pure joy and passion for the game. Anyone who took the time to develop a server from scratch and do some coding here and there will know that a l2j server takes a lot of time and effort to implement, test and fine tune. You are free to join our server and give us any relevant feedback, we would really appreciate it. Thank you, L2 Vermilion Team
  4. After some months of work and with a background of more than 12 years of L2 playing experience on lots of servers, we decided that no server was good enough for us, so we decided to make our own. We are proud to announce that our upcoming High Five Server “Cardinal x20” is open for beta testing. The release date is scheduled in 2 weeks’ time, if everything goes smoothly. If you feel the same about most servers, you can make a difference on our server by helping us tweak it before the big launch. We would like to build a community of passionate people who want to make an impact. For those