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  1. I'll update this thread soon sorry been busy with many things while we clear all this up.
  2. For now we will clean all licensed content from the web page. I will update further once we are complete in regards to this milestone.
  3. Wait so you didn't modify any of your content on the website? Can you show me the message they sent you many times?
  4. Our server is definitely not RU, no. Regardless it would not be wise to start a war for no reason. I'll make an official thread once we finish up and post any comments further. This is the first time I actually feel a part of this community lol. Weird :)
  5. I love how they found us an not the heavy hitters like E-Global or RPG Club. I believe their issue is merely with the artwork / client on our website. We'll comply with the removal / modification of all copyrighted content and see how the process goes.
  6. Our online is fairly okay, well-known name, I'll release more info in this thread as it proceeds.
  7. DISCUSS Innova Co. SARL is a company, validly existing in accordance with the effective legislation of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (the “Company”). Company is an exclusive sublicensee of the online game Lineage 2 (the “Game”) within the territory of certain European countries, Russia and CIS (the “Territory”) based on agreements with NCSOFT Corporation (the rightholder). The Company is entitled to use and distribute the Game within the Territory, including such Game separate copyrighted objects as the Game scenario, texts, Game characters and their texts, audio and v