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  1. Remorse or Mid ? What people will choose this time ?
  2. Btw, you understand that if a big company has a lot of servers and a great bandwidth doesn't give all the bandwidth to a single dedi of 50usd, right? They are doing traffic shaping in their networks for keeping up all the servers. They don't care for your dedi if it will get ddosed, because protection needs resources = money. They can protect you againts home attacks.
  3. Start with the basic first, define of what it is a ddos attack and then go on the protection methods which someone can do in order to prevent them. Let's help this community, shall we ?
  4. @Nightw0lf You are network engineer or what? By reading your latest posts i assume that you don't have a clue about a ddos attack. How the hell you try to advise people here? Here is what going on with DDoS attacks: Let's clear on fact, if you will be attacked by a proffesional, you have no luck for sure. You will be down 100%. Let's go now on the fact about what you can do in order to prevent the smartasses with the stresses who want to attack your server because they want to be pimps when they will grow up. The only solution for random server owners is that you will rent a good dedicated on a good hosting company. I recommend hyperfilter or stormwall (both tested and guaranteed that you will be fine for basic ddos attacks). OVH is good too, BUT only if you are smart enough to setup a basic firewall on a linux-dedi server first. There are ovh ddos scripts who bypass their mitigation filters for fun. Extra Advise: Stop using vps servers as proxies in order to have "extra security", this cannot happen. The only thing that you can achieve with those proxies is to help the attackers to shutdown you faster. 100mbps nic? cmon! Its about 50usd on a simple stresser! The only way to stop a professional ddos attack is to have many PoPs around the world with 10Gbp/s NIC cards and a mitigation device before your endpoint server. So simply, you need bandwidth. PS: Of course there are some extra tips/systems which i saw sometimes used by people and they successfully prevented the ddos attacks on their servers, but this is a story for another day!
  5. guytis alredy shared the "SECRET". Just re-check the photo ;)