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  1. Don't buy this, eventually you will find bugs and the developer will stop responding
  2. Hello, maybe i can help you, tell me which html you need? event engine or others?. Send me a pm and tell me exactly what do you want
  3. Hello! i want to sell my hellbound files, there aren't many packs of this chronicle So this is only for old school ppl or someone with love for this chronicle like me The server is a "downgrade" from l2jserver H5. So all of this chronicle work fine and all the things that are not of the chronicle were removed , i used and work this files on a live server for two years. all skills work fine too, even the enchant skill routes of this chronicle (this is the chronicle with more enchant routes) Features Geoengine by Acis (L2d with some improvements) you never find npcs inside wall or things like that Buffer, GM Shop and all config and default events from l2jserver (last stable version) PvP dwarf Zone. You will enter on a flag zone and transform your body to a dwarf(only visual) and your nick, clan and ally will be hide. Random PvP zone: you can set 4 zones or more, and only one of this zones will be a flag zone for one hour and every hour the zone will be change.(its really good for kill hippies) also you can set one RB and this Rb will be respawn on the flag zone of the moment, if the zone change, the RB change to the new flag zone, also you can set the respawn time of this RB. Nick Color change NPC. Rank PvP System (by masterio https://maxcheaters.com/topic/141971-rank-pvp-system-389-il-h5/ ) class and skill balancer, museum , forum in game, image By Erlandys: https://maxcheaters.com/topic/188070-erlandys-markteplace-over-10-engines-events-engine-upcoming/ Starting System for new players (box with NG-D-C items+Exp Rune) Events TvT DeathMatch lucky box Simon Say King of the hill Zombie Race Football Soccer Event Answer and question Event.(you can set one item and ask something on the announce, and only one player can take the rewards, the first ofc) Player Of the Hour (You can set a zone and will be a flag zone, and the player who wins the most pvps in this area will win the reward MOBA Event. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP8cWPYk2DY This is like the LOL or DOTA: and its a instance. so players can fight more than one event at the same time. This event its like the style of moba's. When you enter to the event all things of the main server will dissapear Like Items, Skills, Clan, etc (of course all will be back when you end the event) When you enter to the event, you can choose a class and buy items with the starting adena, and you will have adena from kill minions, players, and adena at the time like a moba. When you destroy the enemy nexo, you will back to the normal server and all thing will be back. and if you win you will receiv a reward. All of this is configurable on a XML, like Start Adena. Start Lvl on the event, max lvl, time for respawn, adena for time, player per team. start time , buff from jungle and raids, rewards, Etc. Client Side I will provide the system working on W8/W10 and with a lot of things from higher chronicles, like hats, agathions, weapons, armors, maps and i add some npcs like tiat and freya. Only if you are interested on this files send pm and i'll give you access to the test server.