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  1. Dear players, We have now released links to download our Client and our Files, you can find them on https://www.l2alendria.com/?page=download. By downloading them, you will have access to our beta that will be launched one day earlier ! We will not launch the Open Beta this Saturday, but this Friday at 20:00 GMT+2. We hope to see all of you and it's time to bring all your friends to test and give us feedbacks. See you soon on Alendria 🙂 Dear players, Beta is now officially started, you can join the server by downloading everything from our website. Account creation is on our site and it will remain for the live. Thanks for all participating ! See you soon on Lineage 2 Alendria 🙂
  2. L2J > L2OFF only about customizations, but if you work hard on your L2OFF you can reach the same level of customizations. About quality of geodata, mechanics, skills... and everything else, there is not other answer than L2OFF. For sure, it's much more harder to find good developers for this platform, but it prevent kids to run server every week.
  3. We are constantly working on improving our features, to allow a more user friendly experience. We know this feature is really common on l2j server, but we have developed our own solution for L2OFF. You will be able to use the Community Board to access our shop & preset buffs schemes. We hope you will enjoy it 🙂 A reminder that we will have our Open Beta running this Saturday at 20:00 GMT+2. See you soon on Lineage 2 Alendria !
  4. Thanks for your nice words, we are doing our best to offer top quality for the PvP community. Everything is going smoothly, we are in polishing phase. Don't hesitate to join our discord, start talking and bring your friends 🙂 See you soon on Alendria !
  5. We are really glad to see you there and we would like to wish you a huge welcome ! > Lineage 2 Alendria is coming back +3 years later with a brand new project and we are very excited to present you our PvP server that will offer quality & nice amount of fun. It has been designed in a way to allow different player's styles and bring balance to the game. If you are looking for a decent server with good working admins and where you will be able to spend your day fighting with decent farming time, then you are in the right place to enjoy it ! Please feel free to check our features and start working on your strategies to be the most feared player of the server. Account registration is already available. Open Beta: Saturday, September 18 at 20:00 GMT+2 Live: Friday, September 24 at 21:00 GMT+2 Platform: Gracia Final PTS OFF (own extender) Bot Protection DDOS Protection Server Time: GMT+2 - Paris (use .time to get real time in game) Rates Experience: 300x Skill Points: 300x Adena: 300x Drop: 1x (Custom Zones) Spoil: 1x (Custom Zones) Safe Enchant: +3 (Legendary Scroll Safe +10) Max Enchant: +12 Rate Enchant: 66% General Buff slots: 24 + 4 (Divine Inspiration) Song/Dance slots: 12 Autolearn skills Class Master: 5.000 for 1st, 50.000 for 2nd and 1.000.000 for 3rd. Subclass Quest: 10.000.000 Adena at NPC. Nobless Quest: Party last hitting Barakiel (no quest needed). Scheme Buffer: 2 hour buffs with 5 schemes per player maximum. Siege: every Sunday with two seperate times, Giran & Goddard at 18:00 and Heine & Aden at 22:00. Territory War: Every Saturday at 21:00. Olympiad: One week period (nomination Monday), match take place at 20:00 till 00:00 everyday. Misc Subclass level max: 85. Subclass have access to certifications skills from the main class. No Quest needed for Certifications Skills. Cloaks can be equipped without armor. Players start with top No Grade stuff. Fortress: Guards level has been increased by 15 to be around level 82. Disabled level gap (level 85 can exp level 1). Auto HP/MP/CP Potions. PvP Zone at Epics. Gear C, B, A and S Grade with SA for Adena Scrolls Enchant D, C, B, A SoulShots D, C, B, A & S Mana Potion (1000 mp / 5sec reuse) Quest Items (boss entrances high price) Special Cloak with little bonuses Dynasty Dynasty can be obtained with Demon Skulls & Demon Claws at Hellbound. Dynasty Items (Weapons, Armors & Jewels) can be upgraded into Masterwork with Demon Souls. Dynasty Armors Body Masterwork keeps set bonus. Upgrading into Masterwork will keep the enchant value. Vesper It will be introduced in a later content update and will follow the same evolutions pattern as Dynasty: standard Vesper will be able to be upgraded into Masterwork and keeping set bonus. Elemental Bracelets In order to balance the chronicle with only 1 element per armor, we have added a few Elemetal Bracelets that allow you to get more resistance. At start, only level 1 is available, more advanced one will be released as content updates. Boss Jewels Ring of Queen Ant, Ring of Core, Earring of Orfen, Earring of Zaken and Ring of Baium have 3 levels. Earring of Antharas, Necklace of Valakas and Necklace of Frintezza have 2 levels. Hellbound Mobs can be farmed to obtain Demon Skull, Demon Claw, Demon Soul and Generic Stone. 4 Custom RaidBoss (Ancient Temple Remnants, Oasis, Battered Lands & near Steel Citadel) with spawn announcement. Ancient Temple Remnants is fully pvp zone with special drops (Enchant, Life Stone & Giant Codex). Forgotten Temple Mobs can be farmed to obtain Blue Stone, Red Stone, Stone Fragment and Piece of Fabric. 2 Custom RaidBoss are available, one in each side with spawn announcement. Farming zone for Clan Skills, Clan Repuration, Cloaks, Belts, Shirts & Giant Codex. PvP Competition Each PvP is rewarded by a "Player Skull" that can be traded at Shop. Weekly ranking with Top 10 rewards. Season ranking can be checked ingame. Dodging anti-feed protection will result into a definitive ban. Capturable Zones Hellbound have 3 capturables zones spread over the island. Clan can capture them and get rewards and buff bonus. Worldboss All World boss are level 85. Combination of both random & daily spawns at fixed hours, more informations coming soon. Commands .time (get real server time) .expon (enable exp gaining) .expoff (disable exp gaining) .offline (start offline shop) .autoloot (to turn off/on autoloot) Website: www.l2alendria.com Discord: https://discord.gg/SZTcNnsrsu We count on all of you to help us promote the server and bring as much players as possible. Thank you for anyone supporting our server and we hope that everyone will be able to enjoy it. We wish you a nice journey on Lineage 2 Alendria ! Sincerely, L2 Alendria Staff
  6. Dear players, We are pushing now a update in order to make the server much more easier for players. Changes log: - Hellbound drops has been increased a lot. - Dynasty Prices has been reduced by 20%. - Class change prices has been reduced. - Summoner Buffs has been added to NPC Buffer. - Vitality will stay longer. Every players will be full vitality after the restart! We hope that you like those changes and that your life will be easier in our server, have fun & good game ! @seidus: Thank you for your feedback, we have indeed missed a strong advertising campaign but sadly we don't have the same budget as big know server... We appreciate your words and we will try to maintain the server even for few players if they enjoy playing here.
  7. Dear community, Less than 2 hours before our Grand Opening ! You have no more time to get ready & be part of this battleground. If you have any question or problem, feel free to post on our forum or contact us. See you tonight ! ;)
  8. Our open beta is now over, we are getting every thing ready for the live taking place this Friday, so don't miss it ! Thank to every players that have participated to our beta ! We hope to see all of you for an amazing adventure together ! See you soon & take care !
  9. Dear community, We are launching an event for all clans that will join our project, it's very simple and easy to participate, so don't waste more time and read us. Clan Rewards: Clan with more than 10 unique players will receive: Clan level 5 + 5.000 CRP + 2 vitality cakes + leader will receive 1 "Raid Boss Jewel Coin". Clan with more than 15 unique players will receive: Clan level 5 + 8.000 CRP + 3 vitality cakes + leader will receive 1 "Raid Boss Jewel Coin". Clan with more than 20 unique players will receive: Clan level 5 + 10.000 CRP + 5 vitality cakes + leader will receive 1 "Raid Boss Jewel Coin". To participate, please post on the following topic before the opening, those information: - Clan Name - Clan Leader - Clan Members We wish you a very nice journey on Alendria ! :)
  10. Dears players, Our Open Beta is now opened and we are waiting all of you ! Please feel free to participate in our forum and bring all your friends for this great adventure that is waiting us. Don't hesitate to make any suggestion and report any strange behavior, we still have 1 week to polish everything and prepare the best server possible ! Have a great beta ! :)
  11. Dears players, We are now 3 days till the start of our Open Beta Test and we are really excited to see all of you testing the server and giving your suggestions and feedback before the official launch planned for Friday, August 17 at 20:00 GMT+2 ! We can't wait to let you join and see you enjoying our work which has been focused in making the best PvP Server around. Please find all important links: - Our full client by clicking > Here < - Our updater if you already have client by clicking > Here < - Our full system if you have a problem using our launcher by clicking > Here < - Account registration if you don't have any account on Alendria by clicking > Here < We really hope to see many people to make this great adventure ! See you soon and take care ! ;)
  12. Only 5 days remaining for the Open Beta Test ! Don't waste anymore time and join us on our forum to be ready for this epic moment ! We hope to see all of you to be part of this amazing adventure, see you soon ;)
  13. Don't miss our beta that will take place next week, call all your friends and register on our forum ! :)
  14. Thanks for your feedbacks Saruman ! What do you dislike about our features ? :)
  15. We are waiting you on our forum to start gathering people for the ultimate battle ! :) Feel free to invite all your friends, clans and enemies to bring as much players as possible and make a great adventure together. This is the server to play during this summer, don't miss it ! Sincerely, Lineage 2 Alendria
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