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  1. increase the number of characters per PC, since this pack gives all players same ip I guess, but with sguard or any guard this issue can be fixed, since they keep track on ips and hwid.
  2. Hello guys, I'm looking for a Guard for L2 Server, other than SGuard since they don't support languages other than English - Russian thanks in advance
  3. No, he actually told me it's not his problem, the language is something addition so he won't help unless I add to my current payment $50 < one more zero lol, so I'm trying to figure out, if you know the other guard support that little thing please provide a name of a company, I might leave this company. Note: Problem fixed, added the language to another dll, thought it was blocked.
  4. Hey guys, I got an SGuard for my server, and all good so far, except that the dsetup.u and dsetup.dll when running a system with them the Arabic language which were already working, suddenly stops and I can't type Arabic.. and when I put my original desetup.dll the Arabic language works fine but no access to protection. If anybody has a solution to this please help me.
  5. Fast, trusted and good services, I had a problem but it was on my side, so I apologize to SGuard company.
  6. thanks for responding, I tried to export files inside of it, but it still gives me the same error, those files are L2Mythras patch files, I tried to export another L2 .U files and it worked with the WOTgreal but with http://prntscr.com/o1qqi1 it doesn't. here is a pic of what I got while exporting : http://prntscr.com/o1qqv7
  7. Hello guys, I'm having a trouble for extracting files from H5 system/LineageEffect.u , it has a logo for npcs and I want to change that logo, I tried to delete it but it deletes the effects of the npcs as well, so I tried to open it with UTPT but it doesn't make me extract and I can't view scripts, it gives me this error http://prntscr.com/o1ph8u and this http://prntscr.com/o1phh1 . so how can I remove a single file from the LineageEffect.u or edit that file to change the logo? thanks in advance..
  8. it has nothing to do with the server I guess, it's stored in utx file in the patch, so try to find it out there. here how to unpack utx files "https://progamercity.net/lineage-guides/1491-unreal-model-viewer-how-get-textures-package-utx-ukx.html"
  9. Hey eKolce, i'm sorry to hear that, we will have new updater soon :D, but for now i just uploaded latest patch for american client - Eu client. http://www.l2bloodera.com/downloads.php The server now is not online, it will be Online tomorrow 5/15/2018, Server has been rested because of Corrupted staff member who changed things to benefit him self in-game with normal character with high stats for no reasons, so we got some players who took stuff from him so after the staff been band and kicked from the team, now we will rest the server with a lot of fixes and fixing what GM
  10. [4/22/2018] Update, Attendance Rewards were added , for more info please visit our forum , Here.
  11. New updates to the server , Adding new Lvl up zones , 85 to 96, and 96 to 99 , you can be 99 in no time :D. New farming zone were added, for more info please click Here. New 3 bosses were added , for more info please click Here.
  12. Big updates to the server, for more info visit our Forum from here New forum event "Best Screenshot" with good rewards to 1st place winner - 2nd place :D. Please check it Here
  13. Yes we did plus a reward :D, please check it in the website. and we added new farming zones , with new coins to buy special items.
  14. well i can't say it's not complicated xD, but we did post helpful stuff in forum to show you how to get most of the stuff, and now The server will be in maintenance for about an hour , we going to put new farming places , new coins to buy stuff from alt + b , really unique stuff :D.