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  1. Love this, the one in the back is the best texture, the colored ones not so much. Thanks for the share
  2. Hey, these mobs look cool, id love to use them. What do you mean the pass is only for "active" people? what constitutes active?
  3. How does one edit the amount of items dropped or % chance a player drops an item when dying to an NPC in L2OFF interlude vanganth ? I searched and found the same topic but the author said he solved the problem without posting a solution and thread is locked.
  4. Guessing it has something to do w the Ai, figured it out the mob i used was a party mob leader and it was set to spawn w privates under npcpos Changing the parent it extends from fixed this
  5. Hello xeL Thanks for your tool. It seems quite handy. However I am having some troubles with decompiled AI code. I am working on the steward class, and when it decomplies it seems to oddly have alot of blank / empty if clauses. Here is one example: And another: So when I make my changes and recompile, all these old options are broken :( Do you have any idea whats the cause? Or some type of solution. Also added on Skype if you prefer to message there Thanks for your help
  6. So i managed to add the if checks for InMyTerritory to the grandparent of barions class, inside its eventHandler Attacked function. Why I couldnt override it in the grand child class.. idk? As it even had a call to super. still looking for a way to have a raidboss use global announce
  7. Hello I found this thread which basically asks the same question however the answer is vague, and the forum rules are only to post answers, not ask questions so it is my understanding I must repost this How do you make it so a raid returns to its territory if its pulled too far? I have downloaded GM Panel and found the raidboss i want to edit he has no info inside his decompiled class. However he does have a parent class with some info in it. raid_boss_type2 It does not have any territory info, so I went and looked at AQ. AQ has 2 files, ai_boss01_queen_ant an
  8. Ive seen this on a few other servers, and now its happening to me as well, One of my custom zone mobs likes to sometimes spawn with a lowbie orc along side it... very off putting in an S grade dungeon. I have about 4 of these custom mobs per area , and only 1 will spawn w the orc. Killing the custom mob and keeping the orc alive means the orc will not respawn with the custom mob. However as soon as you kill the orc, it will respawn next time the custom mob does. Any ideas why?
  9. Nvm, It saves them as ai.obj.new in the script folder, derp. Well thanks alot for this tool, very helpful!
  10. Ah yes, Thanks for your response, Ive tried installing this but Im a bit confused on how it works / what im looking for. I did : AI Editors--> C4-C6 Opened my ai.obj I found the quest giver under default_npc/citizen/name Right clicking this file and doing Decompile is indeed helpful! I was able to find the mob name by doing a global search which took me down an odd path hierarchy i would not have expected, I made the changes, did a compile , save, then a build, but changes do not seem to take place In game. Do
  11. Hello, I've done a global search and found some info pertaining to custom quests. It seems one must decode the Ai.obj into another language/format? Is this true? If so whats the best way? Im confused on theres many different versions and tools. I am working with Interlude files. the l2ScriptMaker I have errors out when trying to work with Ai. All I need to do is change which mobs give quest item upon death The reward for completion. Thanks for your help.
  12. If anyone else discovers this thread its 100x easier to make PvP zones using territory data script, and there you can assign color changes to nick. Still no idea on the map data related to geodata #s tho
  13. Hello i have searched this forum as found the topic here: And I have tried replicating this, heres my code: However nothing happens in game? My question is what is the significance of map_no=22;13 Ive taken the 22;13 from some other lines in this file relating to shuttgart. No idea what they mean? Also I want this PvP zone to auto flag people and count toward PvPs not like a castle siege/arenas where names stay white. If you have any advice on the matter please share because the name only turns purple when leaving the zone EDIT: changing from 13 to 14 makes i