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  1. You can use VS 2015 IDE, but you need to compile it with 2005 platform toolset. So basically you have all the good stuff that come with new IDEs, but you tell the compiler to use older VS2005 compiler and linker rules.
  2. Why don't you add a function that passes that to another timer_id that does nothing and then the timer is reset again ? What are you trying to accomplish anyway ?
  3. There is an easy way just using the keygen provided for that 2nd key that is required by a lot of modules. The hard way as i did is remove all that part from the code, you make a clean up in the process too. since all those functions won't be needed anymore.
  4. I would love to see that old fart here again
  5. Thanks, it's been a while, im bored at home now with all this coronavirus thing going on
  6. Have you tried reading, what the errors when compiling say ? Maybe wrong setup ? It's a good way to start researching and/or learning now with all this coronavirus thing, i mean, take baby steps. Crawl before you walk.
  7. The community is broken. I'm surprised after this long time Lineage 2 private server aren't dead yet.
  8. Personally i stick to 2008 R2. Mostly because of its interface, more recent windows server distributions are too bloated for me, also i prefer the bare minimum when i work with an OS. So unless they prove me that there is a real performance and safety benefit, i will stick to the old stuff. As for the OS availability by hosting companies, i get it with non OS and make sure they allow me to connect through KVM over IP. I hope this helps you.
  9. There isn't any, just use normal c4 compiler/decompiler, in case you use some special ai handlers that dont exist on retail c4 but do exist in the extender just use a different handler and then replace it once the AI has been compiled
  10. This is more client-side than server-side, have you tried checking other part of MxC ? Maybe somebody already did the conversion to Interlude and shared it, server-side you just need to clone an iem and apply the correct parameters to the scripts, it isn't that hard.
  11. Good luck with that, but as @Anarchy told you, you might want to post what you need or your requirements to catch someone's attention. just saying.
  12. And how do you know their owners didn't extended and modified those formulas and game mechanics to match the chronicles ?
  13. There are plenty of reasons, without specific information there is nothing we can do to help, we don't have magic balls to guess what is going on.