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  1. Bug, bug, bug... ..and yes only ..create account work
  2. Hi, any can help me... How to make mob run.. all mob only Walk if you hit and run.. or mob see you, mob no run.. follow you only walkin.. I check all files but can find a error.. If any can help..
  3. У вас не достаточно прав для загрузки данного прикрепленного файла. You do not have permission to download this attachment. and i create an account ...
  4. NVIDIA now offers the Unreal® Development Kit, a free version of the award-winning Unreal® Engine 3, the software development framework used to create computer and video games, 3D simulations, TV shows, films and more. Anyone can download UDK and work with the same game development tools used to create blockbuster games, architectural walkthroughs and digital movies. UDK ships with the latest version of the Unreal® Editor, with its unrivaled content creation toolset and rapid prototyping functionality. It can be found on NVIDIA's Developer Zone site at http://developer.nvidia.com/object/u
  5. hi here custom l2updater with a new face ... if you like download and use ist moded by me ist a v.2 soon a v.2.5 ;D http://www.mediafire.com/?wzyji1xhfme
  6. well i see not have more custom l2dag .... meavy the the proyect ist down like other proyect in this forum .... only remake a post ... but no have ... change... i hope .. see a new pack but.... with a new custom... np svn --- and --- time line--- why ?... ist a good pack
  7. wen load server say "Class not found L2FactionInstance" and the npc faction manager no spawn with the id 99996 say target not found but if change a "L2Faction" x "L2Npc" in sql the npc spawn... but not show a html with option´s i use l2jserver compilation : 3410... plis help me ...
  8. and ? ..... were ist ... a new update ?.... ist monday ... and dont see a new update ...
  9. 14/08....correction in datapack and Core... mm ... well ... time to time...
  10. compile: [javac] Compiling 1324 source files to E:\workspace\L2J_Core\build\classes [javac] E:\workspace\L2J_Core\java\net\sf\l2j\gameserver\network\clientpackets\CharacterCreate.java:103: cannot find symbol [javac] symbol : variable REASON_INCORRECT_NAME [javac] location: class net.sf.l2j.gameserver.network.serverpackets.CharCreateFail [javac] sendPacket(new CharCreateFail(CharCreateFail.REASON_INCORRECT_NAME)); [javac] ^ [javac] 1 error ist the same file in l2jserver.. but in l2jserver dont this
  11. in this file only have error any cant help me plis ... Index: java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/model/actor/L2Npc.java =================================================================== --- java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/model/actor/L2Npc.java (revision 2939) +++ java/net/sf/l2j/gameserver/model/actor/L2Npc.java (working copy) @@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.datatables.SpawnTable; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.idfactory.IdFactory; import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.instancemanager.CastleManager; +import net.sf.l2j.gameserver.instancemanager.CustomNpcInstanceManager; import net.sf.l2j.gamese
  12. hey this pack ist corrupt from original web ... here ist only a link ... cant fix the rar ... -.- close this topic...