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  1. Anyone knows the property in interface.xdat who allows you to CLICK THROUGH the windows?
  2. Ok, I'm going to continue with this because I really want the client HWID and the basic protection from this DLL. Maybe others with the same need and more knowledge or wanting to help can join in this crusade This is what I have/found. https://mega.nz/file/MMtAzKTK#uUsTz_QDuiqXrk2UR9UnWlUKuZ2zbT8F0TiD52kTGyw This contain 5 files: Fire_U.dll - Unpacked. Found in RUS forum. Fire_P1.dll - Packed. Same file as Fire_U.dll but Packed. Fire_U1.dll - Unpacked Fire_P1.dll by me. Fire_P2.dll - Packed. Another version. Fire_U2.dll - Unpacked Fire_P2.dll by me.
  3. Hi @Mechas I have the sources you posted but thank you anyway for trying to help me!
  4. I thought of doing that many "many" years ago and I never did. I 'm impressed by your dedication!! This can be very useful for many things. Thank you!
  5. Yes, finally! How I wish this had happened 8 years ago, but hey, for those of us who love this game, It's never too late...
  6. Thanks for both! I'm still using IDA 6.8 🙄
  7. Hi, I made this small HF Skill Pch Generator for shared 273 files in PHP based in the correct script/formula made by @xeL. Credits to him! (Send him a beer if you can) This program can: - Extract abnormal_type, attribute and target_type from current skilldata.txt, skill_pch.txt and skill_pch2.txt - Generate skill_pch.txt and skill_pch2.txt based in extracted (or custom) abnormal_type, attribute and target_type How to use. Extract: - Put skilldata.txt, skill_pch.txt and skill_pch2.txt in the "source" folder and run extract.(sh|bat) - Find the extract
  8. Hi @guytis I don't know you and I have no problem with you or anyone. I liked @Mechas post because he is working fixing the npcpos, nothing more! It's a shame that you misunderstood me and clearly my "Like" can be interpreted the way you did, but it's ok, I respect your opinion
  9. Thank you @Souza762 This skill pch make don't use the correct formula. I made one using the correct formula found in a script posted here on the forum. I share it later About this skill names, yes, it must be corrected. Download here:
  10. To generate skill_pch.txt and skill_pch2.txt from skilldata.txt + manual_pch.txt 🙂 I tried many but the result is not the same as the original.
  11. Does anyone have a skill patch maker with the correct formula for this pack? I ask before making one...
  12. Hello guys, I'm looking for this files "Server Client Protection Source Codes!" posted by @Arias . Please @Sighed or @xeL can you please share this files? Thanks!
  13. @Bumble I do this to. I just replace the name to "myextendhf". If you need the modded exes just let me know.