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  1. Hello everyone. I'm looking forward to promote my music via youtube , and i need someone to do some things for me. first , im gonna need some youtube channel art ( 2560 x 1440 ) and 2 mb maximum size then i need an intro video for my beats about 5-10 seconds , we'll see that. anyway , the subject im working on is hiphop music , mostly beats and instrumentals. so , send me a pm here or mail me at : stef_daso@hotmail.com thanks in advance.
  2. Hello , i need a transfer for a 50 euros psc to paypal. anyone can help!?
  3. [RATES] Exp: x300 Sp: x300 Adena: x250 Drop / Spoil: x10 Karma Drop: x1 Enchant Rates: 70% Normal ( Crystallisable ) 75% Blessed ( Non-Crystallisable ) 80% Crystal ( Crystallisable ) Safe Enchant : 3 Max Enchant : 16 Retail Like LifeStones Skill Chance [FEATURES] Retail Interlude Olympiad System Geodata & Pathnodes Working Retail Grandboss System Retail Interlude Skills Retail Clan Halls & Castles Siegeable Clan Halls & Fortresses Achievements System Wedding System Global Gatekeeper GM Shop from NG to S-Grade NPC Buffer provides you 2nd Class b
  4. of course. we also have an offline system , which helps a lot with that kind of stuff. almost 5 hours people! let's go!
  5. Our Account manager is online at the moment! get there and make your account . stay tuned for our grand opening! 1/12/2013 http://www.l2overdose.com
  6. Today we bought our dedicated machine! we're also glad to announce our official patch release ( v1.0 ) visit our forums / website to get more information! www.l2overdose.com
  7. Things are going good. we're almost done with the project , in a few days we'll have our grand opening. 1/12/2013 stay tuned ,and until then , visit our forums for information , and previews.
  8. We've just Made Our Official Facebook Page! Make sure to join us , like , and post your opinions and thoughts about us! https://www.facebook.com/Lineage2Overdose Thank you!
  9. we decided that we'll go live at 1st december! stay tuned , and visit our forums !
  10. there's a countdown timer on our website. still , we might open earlier than the countdown. i will inform you for further stuff.
  11. L2 Overdose After Leaving Lineage 2 for about 3-4 Years i Decided that a Reborn of my older project could be pretty exciting. for me , for the players that joined , and will join. Our Server and our team , promises not only a great lineage 2 experience and lots of fun, but something phenomenal from every aspect. First things first , L2Overdose 2013 Project has NOTHING to do with the Old L2Overdose. the team changed , we came up with more ideas , and more fun stuff for our players. so let me explain. [RATES] Exp: x300 Sp: x300 Adena: x250 Drop / Spoil: x10 Karma Dr