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  1. Hi all, after a lot of time up with low player population we dicide to change some features. -Equipment system until S grade with our custom currency droppable from mobs -Experience rate from X5 to X15 (X22,5 with premium account) -Buff manager with more buff -All buff now have 1h duration -Automatic restart at 6:00 am GMT+1 We hope our comunity grow up and have fun on our server. Have a good game!
  2. Today it's all ready to grand opening...Dont miss will be surprised! 8:00pm GMT+1
  3. You can avoid to looking at it if you dont like it
  4. Just a bunch of days before grand ready to join our comunity! Our staff are ready to push server to become the best H5 around.
  5. We working to implement good features to make server good for all kind of dont miss grand opening!
  6. We still working very hard to fix various things...we hope you will come numerous...stay tuned on and follw us on facebook and twitter
  7. Thanks...For sure we will try to do our best...and follow the feedback from comunity
  8. --Who we are?-- We are a group of friends that love Lineage and love the essence of all game like Lineage must have, we talk about socialize, alliance, discussion from various group of player from different Clan with different ideas...this is Lineage for us...and we want to create a good server with good balance from classes and obiously we dont want to create a server like all other server around, where you can pay to become strong...just we dont want another server Pay-to-win...and we will focus to maintain the server without P2W! This is our mission for our server Do not miss it...on 9 March at 8:00pm GMT+1 Website: ---SERVER RATES--- >>Experience (EXP) : 5x >>Skill Points (SP) : 5x >>Adena : 10x >>Drop rate : 2x >>Quest Experience (EXP) : 1x >>Quest Skill Points (SP) : 1x >>Quest Adena : 10x >>Quest Drop Items : 1x >>Spoil : 5x >>Weight Limit : 1x >>Party EXP: 1.5X ---ENCHANTS--- >>Safe Enchant : 3 >>Max. Enchant : 16 >>Normal Scroll chance : 66% >>Blessed Scroll chance : 66% >>Elemental Max. Level : Level 7 >>Elemental Stone chance : 40% >>Elemental Crystal chance : 30% ---BASIC CONFIGURATIONS--- >>Server, and Forum Time : GMT+1 >>Buffs, Dances and songs Duration : Retail >>Buff Slots : Retail >>Dance and Songs Slots : Retail >>NPC Buffer Basic Buffs (without the 3rd class) , Duration: Retail >>Auto Learn Skills >>Auto Learn Loot