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  1. Hello there guys i would like your help for a matter which i have no leads on how to fix. I have an l2j server which im running on my local home pc and from the same machine im trying to open a client to login. Everything seems okuntil i get to the character selection screen, i created 3 characters all human and after that i see this https://drive.google.com/open?id=1M-565CN8NMIipsMBITufUWLMrlzG265P I also did try to proceed but when i get inside the game i get the error "you dont have enough virtual memory" (i have 2 GB) Also as you will see in the photo the level of the characters is 0, so i checked the database and every character has the default level of 1. I tried a second client with different system but im still getting the same. Any help on the matter would be appreciated
  2. Please lock thos topic i will make a new one regarding the new problem im facing
  3. I see i will do thank you so much for all your insight For anyone else who is interested to help i did as SweeTs said and i got a system from here The problem is i keep seeing this https://drive.google.com/open?id=1M-565CN8NMIipsMBITufUWLMrlzG265P Everything in the database is normal every char has a level of 1. And the race of all classes in the creation was HUMAN
  4. Yeap that fixed it and with a little help from this post One last question cause i dont know if its my clients problem I try login and creating a character but on the selection screen i cannot see the avatar but onlt its name, its takes too long to login and when its finally in its gives me an error about virtual memory. I have set all the settings to low but i keep getting it, is there a chance that its a server settings that cause it in some way?
  5. Thank you my friend that did the trick but im facing a new issue when select the server and try to login I get a disconnect and the client says that my protocol version is different
  6. Hello there guys i started as a junior java developer to build my server but i need some help on how to connect to it. My chronicle is high five but i have a hard time finding a client and a system that works (it seems) Here what happening i have downloaded a high five client from another server (seems clean) and i also downloaded a system from here. But when i try to login using the l2.exe insides the system the game tries to open the login screen for 5-6 seconds and eventually stop without showing any errors. I tried many systems from here but nothing worked. My OS is windows 10 Any help would be appreciated Thank you!
  7. Hello there guys...i hope you are doing great (ah its feel so nostalgic coming here after all those years ) I'm looking to open an l2j server and i'm looking for some guidance on the matter like about the legal matters with ncsoft, client modification and if i can avoid it on h5 using hosts, protections from bots and third party programs. I already did some research but i'm looking if someone can give me a complete picture...in pm of course. Thank you for your time and i will appreciate any help!