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  1. Server is Now LIVE! Download our system from WEBSITE
  2. GRAND Opening tonight at 21:00 GMT +3 Lineage II Mythras High Five x55 Forum Facebook
  3. Our Beta finished,all reports by Beta participants have been fixed and posted in our Forum. Thanks Everyone who participated in Beta and helped us. The system will remain the same. Grand Opening Saturday 18/08/2018 at 21:00 GMT +3 We are waiting for you. Website
  4. We prefer to give to players only system for obvious reasons, i guess some ppl don't understand that :) Also we are very happy from our beta phase, lot of ppl joined, we had lots of reports, which we are working on them till Live server. search for a new game then. l2 is l2, don't expect something different
  5. BETA server is Now Online Download our system from here: Download system link [1] Download system link [2] Download system link [3]
  6. Few hours left for BETA opening BETA Opening Today at 21:00 GMT +3 You can Download our system from our Website Everyone is Welcome to test our server Grand Opening 18/08/2018 at 21:00 GMT +3 Forum Facebook
  7. 4 Days left for BETA Opening We invite Everyone to Join & test our server. BETA Opening 11/08/2018 21:00 GMT +3 GRAND Opening 18/08/2018 21:00 GMT +3 Website Social Media
  8. Beta opening is in 6 days :D Should i open it earlier so you ll see the button Online and don't be sad? Btw are you the looking for Admin for your server as well? :D
  9. Thank you. We are using a new engine which i believe, no other server has, which is very nice with lots of features will be added soon.We hope players will enjoy :)
  10. You already joined our beta, i am sure you will do it this time as well :D We have the best Ddos atm so i think we not gonna have any problem. Also, i think, i am not sure if i can trust you.You are a guy who is looking for a GM for your server for free and you suggest me to buy better Ddos xD Rip
  11. Are you drunk? :D you don't know Mythras.com, you don't our Staff, you don't know our files :D I hope you get better soon.
  12. L2 Mythras using Zeus Engine. As i know if i am not wrong, noone else using this engine, so it is unique and for what i saw so far, better than anything else
  13. I like the fact that you know everything. And also the fact that you have nothing else to do, except talking about Mythras last few days. :D But anyway thanks for that, and sorry if you feel bad that we are opening L2 Mythras.Next time we will ask you how to do it, and if we can do it :P